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Mim Beim – Sydney & Southern Highlands

Mim Beim is a naturopath with nearly 30 years experience. She has published 9 books and is a regular contributor to newspapers, magazines, radio and television.  Mim trained with Patrick McKeown to become a Buteyko practitioner in 2011 and this powerful breathing technique is a major part of her practice.  Mim holds regular Buteyko courses in Sydney and Southern Highlands for adults and children, as well as online courses and one-on-one lessons in person and via the internet.

T. 1800 748 749
E: mim@beamingwithhealth.com.au
W: Breathingwell.net.au

Ian Gill-Vallance

I have always enjoyed my sports especially surfing, snowboarding, swimming and sailing. At the same time working in a busy and at times stressful business environment, always driving myself to the limit. More recently I made a life change, and for the last 15 years I have been working with disadvantaged and people with disabilities.

For most of my life I suffered from rhinitis, chronic asthma and other immune system deficiencies. In 2002, I was introduced to The Buteyko Breathing Training Program and within weeks I was able to reduce medication drastically, months later I only carried medication as a safety precaution.

Buteyko had such a positive impact on my life, I now have a strong desire to spread the word and help as many people as possible Dare To Dream and actually enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.

After researching all options I chose to study and train with Patrick McKeown at the Buteyko Clinic. I believe my qualifications and experience as a trainer/assessor and Surfing/Swimming Coach/Instructor, together with my personal Buteyko success story, will prove very beneficial in helping you to enjoy a full and healthy life style.

W: ButeykoClinic.com.au
E: buteykoaustralia@gmail.com
T: 0478 912 975


Carla Lejarraga- Queensland

Suite 7, 112 Bowen Road, ROSSLEA

Townsville, QLD 4812


T: +61 428285275
E: carla@omclinic.com.au
W: www.thumbsuckingclinic.com.au


Dr. Karina Patel – Dentist

Principal Dentist Karina is a UK qualified Dentist. She moved to Australia in 2010 and introduced neuromuscular dentistry to the practice which concentrates on muscle imbalances brought on by discrepancies in patients’ occlusion (bite). This can cause all sorts of problems from grinding and clenching of their jaws to actual TMJ (jaw joint) disorders, headaches, neck tension, upper back pain, and postural problems. This type of dentistry has strong correlations with sleep apnoea and other airway related issues. Smile redesigning is also an interest of Karina’s. ‘To have a role in boosting the patients self confidence and making them feel good is an opportunity I value greatly. Moreover, it is the fulfillment of an interactive role in the community that I relish’. Overall, Karina has a refreshing outlook on Dentistry and believes it is ‘but a cog in a multidisciplinary approach to overall health and wellness.

australia_RitaGoulartDr. Rita Goulart – Dentist

Gympie, Qld

I’m interested in treating patients of all ages, with particular concern in children, to develop a healthy dentition and focus on creating beautiful faces. Identifying habits and problems early, such as thumb sucking, poor chewing habits, breathing problems, can avoid crooked teeth and not so attractive faces in children. And the earlier you detect those factors; more long lasting solutions are attained.

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F: facebook.com/Rtbgoulart


Dr Andrew P Johnson. B.D.S (UNI SYD.)

6/71 Regent street, New Lambton, N.S.W, 2305
F: sirmolar@toothfairy.com
P: 02 4957 4830

Born sometime in the last century & raised in NSW country; Graduated with BDS in 1985 from the University of Sydney & commenced “duties” immediately in private practice in Newcastle. In 1988 started my “real” education in non extraction techniques & have benefitted from the knowledge of numerous mentors – Skip Truit, John Witzig, Bill Clarke, Derek Mahony, Rob Walker, John Flutter, Joy Moeller, Bill Hang, John & Michael Mew & Patrick Mc Keown.
I now incorporate breathing training & orofacial muscle exercises into orthotropics & orthopaedics with the ultimate objective of healthy joints, beautiful smiles & stable results. TMJ dysfunction, sleep apnoea & snoring are concurrently addressed.


Mouth Function, South Australia

Tess Norris

Tess completed her degree in Oral Health in 2010 and through experience working with people of all ages found many to be struggling with breathing, oral and functional disorders. The mouth is the gateway to the body and its dysfunction has a flow on effect through the whole system. While many professionals will accept limited solutions which are reactive instead of proactive (such as long term medication dependence), Tess wanted credible alternatives. Alternatives that lead to long term health and wellness. Continuing her studies with the Australian Association of Orofacial Myology and with Patrick McKeown in the Butyeko method, she now offers broader solutions for those who want to take control of their own health. Mouth Function SA is here to service the people of South Australia who are looking for answers. Tess is committed to promoting learning and awareness of better therapies. “We need to get the word out, Buteyko works!”

Mouth Function, South Australia
Tess Norris(BOH)
8B Rankine Street, Strathalbyn, SA 5255
E: tess@mouthfunctionsa.com
P: 0439 883 632
W: mouthfunctionsa.com

Mouth-MattersColleen O’Callaghan
146 Campbell Street Hobart Tasmania 7000
P: (03) 6286 7982
M: 0421 970 611
E: colleen@mouthmatters.com.au
W: mouthmatters.com.au

Colleen O’Callaghan is an Orofacial Myologist and Director of Mouth Matters and the Tasmanian Thumb Sucking Clinic.

Colleen has completed studies in Orofacial Myology, Buteyko Breathing Technique, Myofunctional Therapy and Dental Therapy, and is also a qualified and currently practising Dental Hygienist and Breathing Coach.

Having an early positive influence on children’s dental growth and development is an area to which Colleen is highly committed. Working with children as a Dental Therapist early in her career laid the foundation for her ongoing commitment to what she sees as a vital and often under-treated area.

Colleen’s passion for preventive health has allowed for a natural progression to Breathing Re-training Programs within her Orofacial Myology practice.

Since training in 2012 with the Buteyko Clinic International, Colleen has incorporated breathing re-training techniques into her Orofacial Myology Clinic. Programs are offered for mouth breathing correction as well as for Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders and habit cessation for both children and adults.

Colleen is passionate about preventive health, and is committed to helping her patients achieve the best outcomes and long-term benefits for their dental and related general health.

Megan Brooker – New South Wales

Megan became a Buteyko practitioner and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist from a Dental Hygiene and Therapy background. She has worked in private practice since 1989 believing in prevention, education and minimal intervention. Megan is passionate about general overall health through correct breathing patterns and is currently completing her PhD in Breathing retraining and its link to sleep apnea.


Coastal Breathing Retraining
11B Mutu St, Woy Woy,  NSW, 2256
T: 0432798143
E: coastalbreathingretraining@gmail.com

Shelley McGowan -Melbourne

Richelle (Shelley) has been involved in the natural therapies field for over 20 years. With a nursing and naturopathic background, she has seen firsthand the benefits of Buteyko Breathing for herself and others. In 2016 she trained with Patrick McKeown to become a Buteyko Breathing practitioner. She sees practising Buteyko Breathing as a natural complement to her passion for environmental health and holistic therapies.

‘My life has been a continual learning experience as a student, practitioner and patient. I wish to pass on my knowledge, wisdom and experience to others, to assist them on their journey towards optimal health.’

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Email: naturaltherapies@shellsnbells.com

Phone: 03 9459 0193