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Correcting Breathing Volume (Easy Approach)

  There are two approaches to learning how to return your breathing volume to normal levels. The following is the easier version. • Sit up straight.   • Bring your attention to your breathing.   • Concentrate on the air flowing into and from your nostrils. Feel the air...

Nasal Breathing for Good Health

  All of your breathing should only be through your nose. Do not breathe through your mouth. Nature has provided us with a wonderful instrument, our nose, to help make our breathing more regular, filter incoming air and help retain moisture in the body. Many humans...

CPAP Compliance

  The normal treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea is a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. The patient wears a mask over the face and air is applied at a pressure that exceeds the airway opening pressure, thereby enabling the patient to breathe...