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Stop This Asthma Disgrace

The Health Secretary, Stephen Dorrell, has announced a five-year, 5 million (UK pound) research programme to identify the cause of asthma. “There is no cure for asthma,” says a spokesman for the National Asthma Campaign. “One thing is certain: the...

Drug Seller Defection

While the alarming incidence of asthma has health authorities worried, drug companies are making a fortune out of medications. Ray Moynihan meets a former pharmaceutical company manager who’s now an enthusiastic advocate of alternative treatments. Two weeks ago,...

If you get asthma, just stop breathing

Asthma is rising in Ireland at an alarming rate. A startling new drug-free method claims to be a cure, writes Sophie GormanAsthma grabs its victims by the chest, cramps their breathing passages so tightly that each little sip of air is precious, makes them gasp and...

Breath Taking News?

A new drug-free treatment for asthma which runs contrary to the established medical approach is currently gaining ground. Known as the Buteyko method, it involves asthmatics learning breathing-correction techniques which allow them to reduce their asthma medication...
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