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New Hope on Asthma

If you are wheezing all the way to the beach this summer, you will not be alone – asthma affects a staggering three million Britons. One in 20 are adults and up to a quarter of children are sufferers; and the figure is growing.Dr. David Strachan of St....

It’s Enough to Make You Gasp

The research establishment won’t fund it. The medical establishment won’t countenance it. In GP surgeries up and down the land it’s been dismissed as irrelevant. But among the people, among those patients who – despite the best efforts of the...

Coming up for Air

For Sally Magnusson it was incredible, “almost a miracle” to watch her eight-year-old, Siggy, begin to recover in a matter of days from a disease which had made his life a misery.Sally, the daughter of Mastermind presenter Magnus Magnusson, had been...

Breathing Life into Medical Theories

When the BBC programme Frontline Scotland reveals the results of the two months it spent following the progress of asthma sufferers using the Buteyko breathing method, it will be reopening a medical controversy which has been simmering in Scotland for some months....

Where There’s A Wheeze, There’s A Way

Dressing like a pop star, fumbling your slides, losing the thread of your patently unplanned lecture, and getting grumpy with your audience is not the approach best calculated to win the allegiance of thrawn and sceptical Scots.Indeed, it was not until the third...

Breath Easily and Learn to Live Again

I have just watched a roomful of people who have suffered terribly from perhaps the most rampant disease of this generation, long thought to be incurable, begin to recover from it. Dramatically. Almost incredibly. Within five days.I am still reeling from the...
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