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Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

As your control pause increases, your sleep will be deeper and your need for sleep will lessen. The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day.”   In this vein, avoid taking naps during the...

The Facts About Overbreathing

  Breathing increases as a result of our modern living style. Factors such as strong emotions, time urgency, tension, anger, stress, anxiety, overeating, processed foods, a belief that taking big breaths is good, lack of exercise, excessive talking, and high...

Sleep Apnea & Insomnia

  Good breathing is quiet. Good breathing  is calm. Good breathing  is invisible. Good breathing is in and out through our nose. Bad breathing is through the mouth. Bad breathing is sighing, snorting and sniffing while resting. Bad breathing is visible movements of...

Normal Breathing & Snoring

  Did you know that the number of breaths per minute during normal healthy breathing is about 10 to 12? Each breath takes in approximately 500 ml of air. As described in any University medical textbook, this amount provides a healthy volume of five to six litters of...
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