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Dimitris Christodoulou Dimitriou

After years of studying practices like NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy and now studying towards my degree as a Psychologist, to gain the maximum possible knowledge and experience on how to help myself and others get out of our emotional pits and strive for what we deserve. And also as a former athlete, how to get the cognitive and psychological edge, so I can push on where others hit the ground and make the difference. I have realized that physiology among other aspects is key to achieve such difficult goals. Of course, a great part of physiology is Breathing! Unfortunately, I have not found sufficient information on this topic, which later on would leave me shocked of its influence on us in every dimension.

At this point, I was extremely grateful and excited to have found the Buteyko Clinic Method. Studying the Buteyko Method for quite some time, along with Completing the Buteyko Clinic International Diploma training, has not only filled in great gaps of information on breathing and its influence, but it has provided me personally a very powerful arsenal of knowledge and techniques to achieve what I was aiming for in the beginning of my journey.

Now based in Cyprus, but working worldwide through the internet, I help adults and children with the life changing techniques and knowledge of the Buteyko Clinic Method. Either people needing help with respiratory issues and illnesses. Parents that want their children to have maximum academic performance and help develop a healthy physiology for the proper structure of superlative potential. And any person that needs immediate help to manage better Stress, Anxiety and Panic attacks. Overall – people that just aim to optimize their health and performance.

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