Buteyko Breathing Practitioners – Israel

Buteyko Breathing Practitioners - Israel

Orna Adriaansen – Healthy Breathing – Buteyko Practitioner

Orna is a veteran Phys-Ed teacher (Wingate Israel 1980) with more than 30 years of varied teaching experience. In 2005, while residing in The Netherlands, she completed her Buteyko practitioner training under the guidance of Masha Anthonissen-Kotousova (Apprentice of Prof. Buteyko 1988) and later continued in England.

As of 2005 Orna is teaching the Buteyko method to groups & individuals, started in The Netherlands, & since her return to her homeland – in the central part of Israel. She is also a trained NLP practitioner. In her teaching of the Buteyko method Orna integrates her skills into a unique & methodological approach & shares with the clients her extensive knowledge in the fields of breathing, human movement, fitness, education & wellbeing, facilitating their health-recovery process to their best.

Website: www.nbr.co.il
Email: orna@nbr.co.il
Phone: +972(0)525-925-318


Dr.Michael Gorbonos

I am a dentist, Founder and President of International Functioal Association – IFUNA Using Buteyko Technique to improve the breathing capacity of my clients, children and adults that suffer from sleep disorders, snoring, apnea, developmental of the jaws, enuresis, ADHD, migraines, asthma etc. In the treatment of jaws disorders with Buteyko Technique I am combining the use of Functional Appliance and Myofunctional Therapy. Trained by Patrick McKeown.

Website: www.gorbonos.co.il
Website: www.orthocourse.com


Hemi Gefen

Hemi is a biofeedback practitioner specializing in stress management for chronic pain relief. He works with people who suffer from migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Irritated bowl syndrome, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Hemi guides his trainees in using Buteyko technique along with biofeedback and Mindfulness meditation for reducing their anxiety and stress, and in turn, their pain.

Website: www.stressmanagement.co.
Email: hemi@stressmanagement.co.il