New Zealand

Buteyko Breathing Clinic New Zealand

Janet Williams – Masterton, North Island

Janet’s career in the natural health field began in 1996, studying therapeutic and remedial massage followed by Bowen Therapy in 2000. Since then she has gained diplomas in Therapeutic Massage, Bowen Therapy, Pregnancy Massage and Buteyko Breathing Method. Continued training and education is a major part of Janet’s commitment to providing a continually improved service to her clients. Many courses over the years have been completed including many specialised and advanced Bowen courses as well as Neuromuscular Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Joint Mobilisation, Micro-massage (Acupressure), Soft Tissue Release, and Bach Flower Remedies amongst others.

In 2016 in Sydney, Janet trained as a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner with Patrick McKeown and returned to Sydney in 2017 to learn the Oxygen Advantage.

As well as practising Bowen Therapy, Janet’s focus is now more on teaching the Buteyko Breathing Method and looking forward to incorporating the Oxygen Advantage. These techniques have all become globally recognised respectively for their amazing benefits.

Address: Natural Therapy Options, 36b Bannister Street, Masterton, 5810.

Phone: +64 027 427 5287

Email: naturaltherapyoptions@gmail.com