Breathing Through Menopause




Unlock the transformative power of your breath with the Breathing Through Menopause online course. Priced at an accessible $50 USD, this virtual journey is meticulously designed for women navigating the challenging waters of perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Discover a natural pathway to reclaim your body’s balance and vitality, all from the comfort of your home.

Key Highlights:

  • 7 Engaging Learning Modules: Explore 20 in-depth videos that blend enlightening theory with actionable practical exercises, all tailored to empower you during menopause.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain instant access to 2 downloadable chapters from Patrick McKeown’s acclaimed book, “The Breathing Cure,” available exclusively through this course.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From understanding the pivotal role of hormones to mastering stress management via your Autonomic Nervous System, this course covers it all.
  • Hands-on Practice: Engage in a variety of practical exercises, including a 20-minute relaxation session designed to perfect your breathing techniques and enhance your overall well-being.

Why Choose This Course?

Led by experienced instructors Fleur Conway and Maria Dobos, the Breathing Through Menopause course is more than just learning; it’s an experience. With their guidance, you’ll delve into techniques proven to reduce anxiety, alleviate hot flushes, improve sleep quality, and boost self-confidence. This course is your science-backed gateway to developing resilience and rediscovering your authentic self through the power of breath.

What You’ll Discover:

  • The Science of Breathing: Understand how breathing can physiologically impact menopausal symptoms, offering relief and clarity.
  • Practical Skills: Learn and master breathing techniques that have a direct, positive effect on your wellbeing.
  • Community Support: Join a supportive community of fellow learners, sharing the journey to navigate menopause with grace and empowerment.

Special Bonus: Enroll today to secure your spot in an exclusive live Q&A session with Fleur and Maria. This bonus offers a unique opportunity to ask questions, receive personalized advice, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

FAQs Highlight: Whether you’re preemptively preparing for menopause or actively seeking solutions to its challenges, this course is designed for women of all ages. No prior experience with breathing practices or yoga is required, making it accessible to everyone.

Transform Your Menopause Experience: Embrace this period of transformation with “Breathing Through Menopause.” Sign up now for $50 USD and breathe your way to a revitalized life. This isn’t just a course; it’s your lifeline to a balanced, joyful existence.

Enroll Now and start your journey to a balanced and vibrant menopause experience.

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