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Karin de Graaff imgKarin de Graaff – Hagfors

Within the work of a systemic coach, yoga teacher (yin) and relationship therapist, I often use The Breath. The breath, our basis, tells us so much about ourselves. The Buteyko method is a wonderful addition. I often integrate it within the coaching processes, I also offer separate Buteyko training courses.

The Buteyko method is a great way to make the breath work for you again, so that you make optimal use of your breath. And this can go fast, it does take practice…

In my practice I have seen great results, with stress-related complaints, trauma complaints, burn-out complaints, asthma and ADHD and hope to be able to guide many more people to more efficient breathing, to an increased intake of oxygen to your cells, from the fight/flight mode.

I offer online and offline training, these are always tailor-made.


Relatietrainingen/ Kwaliteit in WelZijn
Karin de Graaff

T: +31614665529

T: +46705121205

E: [email protected]

W: www.relatietrainingen.nl



Sorena Sverige

Anders Olsson, www.Sorena.se Anders can be contacted at +46-8-36 03 08

Buteyko Stockholm, Sweden

C/O Total Rehab
Karlsviksgatan 16
11241 Stockholm
Tel: 08-6568930

Eloise Vestberg - Nyhamnsläge Eloise Vestberg – Nyhamnsläge

Eloise Vestberg, Conscious connected breathwork coach and Buteyko instructor. Mum to 2 girls living in Southern Sweden. With 4 years’ experience of being a conscious connected breathwork coach, my passion has been drawn towards working with people who seek the power in healing themselves. Having healed naturally from an auto-immune disease in 2022, I am passionate about natural approaches to health and wellbeing. Becoming a qualified Buteyko instructor allows me to work with clients in a way that complements what I already teach. I look forward to working in the education system which would allow me to work with children and young adults to educate on functional breathing, stress, and anxiety management from an early age.

I offer bespoke sessions for clients who wish to alleviate stress, anxiety, asthma, or dysfunctional breathing habits.

I offer 1:1 and group sessions in person or online via zoom.

Contact: www.novabreathwork.se / [email protected]


Helene Stjärnqvist - LandskronaHelene Stjärnqvist – Landskrona

My name is Helene Stjärnqvist and I´m situated on the west coast in the south of Sweden.

The will to help others with breath related problems comes from own experiences. A mix of menopause, bad habits and sleeping problems with no tools to manage all this, left me in a state of anxiousness. By chance, I stumbled across something vaguely familiar called the diaphragm. Since then, I am on a learning journey, fascinated still how the human body can heal itself. Addressing my breath is the best move I have ever made concerning my health.

Helping children and young adults becoming healthy breathers is an area of special interest but I have an overall will to help human breathers of any age. If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, poor sleep, asthma/allergy, a stuffy nose or a raising mind, don´t hesitate to contact me. I am a certified instructor in Conscioius Breathing (Medveten andning) and the Buteyko Method. Consultations can be made 1:1, in groups or via meeting-app.

Email: [email protected]


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