Dr. James Bronson


14Dr. James Bronson

Dr. James Bronson graduated “Cum Laude” from Georgetown University School of Dentistry in 1983. James has General Dental Practices in McLean and Charlottesville, Virginia, and a practice limited to ALF (Airway focused Lingual posture Facial growth guidance) Orthodontics and TMD therapy in Santa Cruz, California. He has published 3 articles on the “ALF Philosophy” and its benefits.

In addition, James is: • Founder of the ALF (Airway focused Lingual posture Facial growth guidance) Educational Institute, LLC • Director of Clinical Programs, the ALF Educational Institute • LLC Omicron Kappa Upsilon – National Dental Honor Society International • Speaker (USA, Canada, Australia, China, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Turkey) • Fellow International Association of Orthodontics • International Association of Orthodontics Senior Certified Instructor • Fellow Buteyko Professionals International.

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