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Mim Beim


Mim is the BPI Lifestyle & Nutrition Advisor. She is a naturopath with nearly 30 years experience. She has written 9 books including her most recent, Natural Remedies (2014). Mim is a senior naturopathic and nutrition lecturer, a regular guest on ABC radio, television, and is currently the naturopath expert and columnist for the Sunday Telegraph. She has had thousands of articles published since 1988.

Mim has 2 naturopathic practices, one in Sydney CBD, the other in the NSW Southern Highlands. In 2011, Mim obtained her Buteyko training qualifications with world renown Buteyko expert, Patrick McKeown and has been teaching Buteyko breathing workshops continuously since that time.

Mim is a member (and former Head of Naturopathy) for the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, a member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia, a full member of the Australian Society of Authors, a member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association and member of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association. She is currently completing a Masters in Nutrition from Deakin University. Mim is also a Fellow of Buteyko Professionals International and is the Lifestyle and Nutrition Advisor to Buteyko Professionals International.

Mim created and manufactures a range of therapeutic herbal teas and skin care products, Beaming with Health. Prior to becoming a naturopath, Mim gained an Economics degree from the University of Sydney. She also was a qualified fitness instructor for 20 years.

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