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Frankie Sheahan

Your approach made a significant difference to my breathing during sports performance and throughout my daily life. It is simple, makes sense and should be taught to all.

Ten-year-old Lorcan

Before, I missed football, parties and swimming. Now I am able to do everything I couldn’t do.

Andrew Kacsor

The Oxygen Advantage has helped my Olympians become more aware of their breathing. We practice nasal breathing during foam rolling, warm ups, cool downs and during certain prescribed exercise.

Professor John Fenton

I can say that the vast majority of all of my patients have received great benefit with their nasal symptoms following instruction at the workshops.

Jen Li Sheng

This is one of the best courses I have attended, and offered so much more beyond the book in terms of information and practical application. Patrick breaks down the physiology of breathing, and how it affects performance, health, and physical well being.
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