Live 2 Hour Webinar with Patrick McKeown


Receive personalized Buteyko tuition by live online webinar with Patrick McKeown

Thursday 31st May  6pm to 8pm GMT

Accessible from anywhere in the world including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Cost: 95 dollars (includes access to the complete Buteyko self instructional online course)

Do you have two hours to change your life:

  • Learn the Buteyko Method from International Buteyko expert Patrick McKeown
  • Achieve maximum progress as Patrick guides you through each exercise
  • Receive a program tailored to your specific needs from Patrick
  • Learn the simple tools to improve your asthma, anxiety, high blood pressure, snoring and sleep apnea for the rest of your life

What is included?

  • Access to complete Buteyko online course for High Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Insomnia, Chronic Hyperventilation, Asthma, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea
  • Two hour live webinar with Patrick McKeown, world renowned expert in the Buteyko Method and Director of Education at Buteyko Clinic International
  • Tailored advice to maximise your progress with time dedicated to your questions at the end of the webinar
  • Link to download the recording of the entire webinar to your inbox

What is taught?

During this live webinar, you will be provided with tailored instruction of how to apply the Buteyko program for a variety of health issues to achieve maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

How to get started

  • Make payment through PayPal by clicking button above
  • Receive email response with login to Buteyko online course set for High Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Insomnia, Chronic Hyperventilation, Asthma, Snoring and Sleep Apnea
  • In advance of the webinar you will be contacted by email and receive the zoom meeting room url link to access the live webinar. Simply click on link to join the webinar.
  • If you have any questions before signing up please contact us at info@buteykoclinic.com