Our People

Our People

Buteyko Clinic International was founded in 2002 to provide a high standard of Buteyko practitioner/educator training along with a wide range of Buteyko Method DVDs and books to the Western world. It is the largest and most successful Buteyko training school in the world. Its affiliate organization, Buteyko Professionals International, is the largest organization of Buteyko professionals in the world. As an international community of Buteyko professionals, its membership exceeds 300 with members working in a total of 53 countries. Click HERE for a full list of members.

Director of Education and Training

BA, MA (TCD), Dip BM (Prof KP Buteyko), FBPI

Patrick McKeown is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. In 2002, Patrick completed his clinical training in the Buteyko Breathing Method at the Buteyko Clinic, Moscow, Russia. This training was accredited by Professor Konstantin Buteyko. Having suffered from asthma, rhinitis and sleep-disordered breathing for over 20 years, Patrick is able to offer both theoretical knowledge and his own experiences to help clients to overcome similar challenges. To date, Patrick has written seven books and produced two DVD sets on the Buteyko Method, including three Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk bestsellers: Close Your Mouth, Asthma-Free Naturally, and Anxiety Free: Stop Worrying and Quieten your Mind. The Buteyko self-help manual Close Your Mouth has been translated into ten different languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Russian. His latest book is titled “The Oxygen Advantage” and improves sports performance by addressing dysfunctional breathing patterns and simulating high altitude training.

Patrick is Clinical Director of the Buteyko Clinic International and Chairman of its Advisory Board. Patrick’s professional memberships include Fellow of The Royal Society of Biology, Full member of the Physiological Society and Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences. Patrick holds regular workshops and talks on dysfunctional breathing in nine countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Denmark, France, Holland, the UK, and his native Ireland. He has trained Buteyko practitioners from 32 countries and regularly provides online Buteyko courses by Skype and from his clinics in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Galway, Ireland.

Patrick recently collaborated in a clinical trial investigating the Buteyko Method as a treatment for rhinosinusitus in asthma patients with the University of Limerick, Ireland. Results from a three-month follow-up with participants showed a 72% reduction of nasal symptoms including snoring, inability to get a satisfying breath, nasal congestion and more. An abstract of the trial was published in the April 2013 issue of the Journal Clinical Otolaryngology.

Contact Patrick at Patrick@buteykoclinic.com

Patrick McKeown’s work has been published in seven scientific journals and is due for publication in two more. Click HERE for full details.

Medical Advisor

Charles Edward G Florendo, MD

Dr Charles Edward Florendo received his Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from the University of Santo Tomas in 2000. He then attained his Doctorate in Medicine, also from the University of Santo Tomas, in 2005. Shortly after graduating he became a missionary physician, serving as head of the Outpatient Department at the Mary Health of Africa Hospital, a primary AIDS referral centre in the forests of Cameroon, Africa. He was originally trained in the Buteyko Method by senior Buteyko practitioner Jac Vidgen. He then received additional training and was certified as a Buteyko practitioner by the Asthmahilfe Foundation in Austria, the Buteyko Breathing Association in England, and by the Buteyko Clinic International. While in Africa, Dr Florendo organised the training of African health workers in the use of the Buteyko Method. He also co-founded the Controlled Breathing Association, which oversees and promotes the use of the method in Cameroon. Dr Florendo has taught the Buteyko Method to patients and health workers in Africa, the United States, and the Philippines.

Contact Charles at DrFlorendo@gmail.com
W: BreathingExpert.com

Medical Advisor

Dr. Marek Lorenc, MD, MICGP, LFHom (Med), Dip DECH (France), MCFP (Poland), FBPI

Since 1993 and his early days of the medical curriculum at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, Marek supported the local and global medical community in the integration of the vis medicatrix naturae (the body’s natural ability to heal itself) philosophy into the main stream of public healthcare. He organizes and gives lectures on complementary medicine and health promotion, to companies, schools, universities, kindergartens, patients’ societies, sports clubs, dance clubs, guilds, and religious groups.

After 10 years of studying medicine, functional diagnostics and medicatrix naturae systems, he started his independent medical practice. In 2004 he became a Member of the British Faculty of Homeopathy (LFHom). In 2007 he qualified as a specialist in Family Medicine and a Member of the College of Family Physicians in Poland to enable him to offer continuous medical care in the public healthcare system.

He has also served as the Medical Doctor on Duty and Adviser for children and adults with asthma and other respiratory complaints in the Wieliczka Saltmine Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre. In 2010 he was invited to work as a physician in Ireland and became a Member of the Irish College of General Physicians in 2012.

In 2011 he was involved in many health promotion activities and the funding non-profit organisations in Poland. He became President of the Foundation for Integrative Medicine Institute, achieving great success in its countrywide social projects. See: www.medycynaintegracyjna.pl

In 2013 Marek studied the Buteyko Breathing method in Dublin Clinics for 6 months and he developed a clinical project called Breathenose.org with workshops for Polish and Irish patients, together with their General Practitioners, to improve the control of respiratory complaints in general medical practice.

Marek was recently elected a Fellow of Buteyko Professionals International. He also acts as Medical Advisor to Buteyko Professionals International and Buteyko Clinic International.

Contact Marek at drlorenc@gmail.com
W: lorencmedical.com

Medical Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Herron, FdSc, BSc (Hons), BMBS, MSc, Dip BBM, FBPI

Jonathan gained a Diploma in the Buteyko Breathing Method and was certified as a Buteyko Method practitioner by internationally renowned Breathing practitioner and bestselling author Patrick McKeown.Jonathan used the techniques originally as a sports scientist working with Olympic athletes and National Governing Bodies implementing Buteyko and modified Buteyko Breathing Methods to help increase athletic performance.Jonathan also practises the Buteyko Breathing Method in his own athletic career and has represented both Ireland and Great Britain in various sports, most recently Judo and Sambo wrestling. He also continues to work with Olympic athletes and National Governing Bodies.Jonathan is a practicing medical doctor, having read Medicine at the University of Nottingham, UK. He uses the Buteyko Breathing Method in his daily practice. He was recently elected a Fellow of Buteyko Professionals International. Dr. Herron also acts as a Medical Advisor to Buteyko Professionals International and Buteyko Clinic International.

Contact Jonathan at herronjonny@hotmail.com

Original Buteyko Method

Dr Vladimir Buteyko

The Buteyko Clinic is indebted to the help and guidance received from Dr Vladimir Buteyko, eldest son and successor to the author of the method, Dr Konstantin Buteyko. Dr Vladimir Buteyko has been instrumental in the work of ButeykoClinic.com under the trademark of the Buteyko name. It was the wish of his late father to ensure that the Buteyko Method was made available for all of mankind, and not to be owned by any one individual or group. Dr Vladimir Buteyko and his wife Marina operate the Buteyko Centre in Voronezh which was created by Konstantin Buteyko in 1991 for the perpetuation and development his medical, scientifically-methodical, and spiritual-philosophical theory of recovery of health.

Advanced relaxation techniques, tension and stress control advisor

Felix Laevsky, Cert BM (Ukraine, 1995), EFT-CC, CH, MBBEA, RBBE, FBPI

Felix Laevsky was invited to join our Team as an Adviser in advanced relaxation techniques, tension and stress control.

Felix is one of Buteyko breathing method pioneers and is one of the oldest Buteyko Educators in North America. He has been teaching in the US since 1995 right after he and his family came to the US. Prior to that, Felix started with the Buteyko method in Ukraine as a student in 1993 and became an instructor in 1995. Felix is a member of the Buteyko Breathing Educators of North America.

Felix worked very hard on issues, which prevented clients from better progress with Buteyko training. Additionally to conventional Buteyko training program he has developed his own multifaceted approach, which related to Dr. Buteyko requirements, but needed advanced instructions in particular areas. Working in a medical environment more than 10 years as a Buteyko breathing Educator, Biofeedback therapist, Emotional Freedom Techniques instructor and Hypnotist, Felix has outstanding experience in areas of relaxation and stress control. Based on this experience he has developed recommendations on how to educate clients in advanced techniques and skills on how to relax the mind and body, control physical and mental tension and stress in any real life situation.

While using Biofeedback technology clients becoming aware that recommendations are working on objective level. It really helped them to build self-confidence in their capabilities to improve physiological functions of their body and consequently symptoms and to improve overall outcome of Buteyko method training.

Felix’s recommendations would be helpful not only for clients, but for Educators too.

Felix is located in Buffalo Grove of Chicago metropolitan area, USA

Contact Felix at info@bestforhealth.com Phone: 847-361-8688 Skype: felixx89