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Buteyko Clinic International (BCI) was founded in 2002 by
world renowned Buteyko expert and author Patrick McKeown



Practitioner Training

Train as a Buteyko practitioner with Buteyko Clinic International, and provide your clients with a simple and
scientific technique to take control of their health. No career prerequisites, no annual license fee, just a
commitment to support your personal and professional growth at every point of your Buteyko career.

Buteyko Professionals International

Created in 2015, Buteyko Professionals International (BPI) is a community of individuals
working as Buteyko Breathing Method practitioners/educators worldwide.

BPI promotes sound knowledge and best practice in the application of the Buteyko Breathing
Method internationally.

BPI is a truly international organization. Its members total over 300 and work in 54 countries worldwide.

What People Say

Louise Hibbert
“I read Patrick's book in 2010 after being hospitalised with asthma for 4 days. It was an amazing discovery for me as within six months I was able to stop using all my medications. Most of the time I have my asthma completely under control and last Saturday I climbed Snowdon! Thanks again for helping me change my life!”
Mary B. Geidel
“Mr. Mckeown, I started this technique about 2 months ago. I got your book "Anxiety Free" and it has really really helped me . I am stronger, less anxious,more at ease, I sleep better. Thank you for all of this. I look forward to my excersises every morning. I started with a control pause of 8 to ten and now I am up to between 17 and 20. I am a former smoker, 54 years old. I want to share this wonderful method with all my friends. Thank you again. This is life changing.”
Bonnie Durtschi
Hi Patrick, I saw your interview with Dr Mercola about 2 weeks ago. It has changed my life already. I have had Asthma since I was about 10 yrs old, I am 59 yrs now. When I was in my early 20's the Dr told my mother she was lucky I was still alive. He put me on a pulmo-aid machine 3-4 times daily, along with prednisone, Brethine, theopholine, and another drug. I have learned about good nutrition, and clean living sources. I was down to using a steroid inhaler and a rescue inhaler once a day. I saw your Buteyko Breathing youtube and from there I bought your book Close Your Mouth.
Gaye Lawrence
“This book and CD is really helpful for people suffering with breathing problems. Very easy to follow and understand useful tips for people with COPD”
Brenda McKinnon Lamont
"I Skyped with Patrick many times and he watched me breathe and helped me to follow his recommendations in his books. I did his exercises every day for 6 months. My difficulty to breath problems are gone and no allergies this season. A pure miracle!"
Patrick Holford, Author & Nutritionist
“Thousands of people have found that breathing training has helped them to control, and even overcome their asthma. If you want to teach yourself this valuable technique I thoroughly recommend you read Asthma Free Naturally by Patrick McKeown”

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