Buteyko Breathing Belt



Achieve healthy, effortless breathing the easy way. Reduces snoring, sleep apnea, asthma, stress, anxiety & other breathing related conditions. Enhance and Support your Buteyko Practice.


There are currently 3 belt sizes available (Small, Medium and Large). To choose your belt size, please measure the girth of your midriff (at the base of the ribcage). Please then match this measurement to one of the sizes below.

Small: midriff measures 26 inches -34 inches (67cms-87cms)

Medium: midriff measures 35 inches – 41 inches (89cms – 105cms)

Large: midriff measures 41 inches – 47 inches (105cms – 120cms)

Buteyko Belt Small: Midriff Measures 26-34 Inches (67 c-87 cms)

Buteyko Belt Medium: Midriff Measures 35 inches – 41 inches (89 cms – 105 cms)

Buteyko Belt Large: Midriff Measures 41 Inches – 47 Inches (105 cms – 120cms)

Buteyko belt is a simple and effective tool to enhance your practice of the Buteyko Method and significantly reduce your incidence of asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, anxiety and panic attacks.Wear for periods of time during the day and at night to achieve regular, light, calm breathing as taught by the Buteyko Method.


Wear to practice the Buteyko Method while you work, exercise and sleep

Bring increased awareness to your breathing

Stay out of the stress response and experience calmness throughout the day

Improve your quality of sleep

Significantly reduce your incidence of asthma or panic attacks

Learn to breathe lightly, calmly and rhythmically to ensure your body’s systems are healthy and balanced


Slim line design for ultimate comfort Easily fits beneath clothes Adjustable straps to suit all body types


The purpose of the belt is to apply gentle resistance to your breathing so that you breathe lighter throughout the day and at night. You are breathing lighter when you feel the sensation of a slight hunger for air or desire to breathe more.


Wrap the belt around your diaphragm so that it sits midway between your navel and your chest. Tighten or loosen the straps on each side of the belt to achieve the optimum resistance to your breathing. If you feel no air hunger, then tighten the straps until a tolerable air hunger is achieved. Conversely, if the air hunger is uncomfortable, then loosen the straps to achieve the optimum air hunger.


Buteyko Belt Small: Midriff Measures 26-34 Inches (67 c-87 cms)

Buteyko Belt Medium: Midriff Measures 35 inches – 41 inches (89 cms – 105 cms)

Buteyko Belt Large: Midriff Measures 41 Inches – 47 Inches (105 cms – 120cms)


The Buteyko Belt is AMAZING! I have been teaching for 27 years and always after the first day of having to speak all the time again, I am exhausted. I tried the belt for my first day of school and I ended the day totally ENERGIZED! I was hopeful that it would help a little, but it was the most energy I ever remember having at the end of a day of teaching. I was introduced to Buteyko Breathing when I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea about 10 years ago. I have used it on and off and whenever I do, it always helps. I also have allergies and was a mouth breather since braces at age 10 with 4 teeth extracted in the from and pushed together. I always notice less problems when doing Buteyko breathing.

After failure with a CPAP, BIPAP, oral appliance, tongue device, etc….I had mandibular and maxillary advancement to try and correct the sleep apnea. It fixed many things. For the first time since braces at age 10, my tongue now fits in the roof of my mouth and I was a nasal breather! Although, I still had severe sleep apnea. I have to be honest… I will be doing the Buteyko breathing and then I get lazy with it. I have been yoyo’ing with the breathing for almost 10 years…. I always come back to it because it helps. This BELT IS INSTANTANEOUSLY TRANSFORMATIVE without having to think or do anything daily except strap it on and live life. Since I have a job that I LOVE that calls me to public speak a lot and very little down time during the day, this is the BEST INVENTION EVER! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Victoria Eng – Florida, USA

Buteyko belt is one of the best products I have ever bought. It’s helped my breath unbelievable amounts.

I would do the breathing exercises, and soon as I’d get back to my daily routine the effects of the exercises would wear off within half an hour. This would be frustrating but something I learnt to live with. With the belt, they are effective for 2 plus hours. This would get me to the next lot of exercises, with more energy, to help me continue to improve my breathing, not just maintain. I’d have more energy to do them, which meant the actual breathing exercises I did were more effective in themselves. All round a great booster in improving my breathing and quality of life.

Thanks again!

George Firth – UK

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