Buteyko Breathing Instructors Arizona

Kelley Quolas

Kelley is an Arizona native and a US Army veteran. She has been serving the Phoenix, Arizona valley in the pediatric field since 1996. Having worked with children, and special needs individuals; she provides a loving touch. She is a licensed dental hygienist and had extensive training in the world of myofunctional therapy, tongue and lip ties, TMJ dysfunction, and the practice of Buteyko.

She feels that Buteyko Practice has been nothing but a gift for her, and the individuals she treats. She provides a supportive, caring relationship with her patients; in a non-threatening environment. She offers in office and virtual appointments. Kelley helps people of all ages looking for help with symptoms of: asthma, sleep disordered breathing, anxiety, improved oxygen uptake for athletic performance, and overall improving one’s quality of life.

She prides herself on keeping up to date in current research and therapy modalities to benefit her patients. Her favorite things about helping people are the connection and relationships she develops with each patient.

In her spare time, she loves to learn, be active, travel, and spend time with her partner, children, and many nieces and nephews. She loves corgi dogs!

Web: Mymyomyhealth.com

Gabriela Aguilera

Gabriela Aguilera has an immense interest in health and works with a naturopathic Doctor in Phoenix, Arizona. She turned to the Buteyko Method after experiencing many asthma attacks over a two year period. Her progress propelled her to train as a Buteyko Clinic instructor. Gabriela invited instructor trainer Patrick McKeown to provide training in Phoenix, Arizona. Gabriela’s website is www.azbreathing.com

(480) 232 0314
[email protected]

Linda Pharr – Prescott, Arizona

Linda Pharr has worked as a counseller therapist for over 25 years in both Government departments as well as in a private capacity. Her involment with Buteyko stemmed from a close family friend developing asthma and experiencing debilitating life quality. Her inital research for a solution drew her to the Buteyko Method. From observing the results, she decided to become an instructor to help others. Linda lives and teaches from the scenic town of Prescott, Arizona.

(928) 445-3363
[email protected]

Marsha Gill – Greater Phoenix area, Arizona

Marci Gill is a Myofunctional Therapist in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. She has taken Patrick’s course and has been actively teaching breathing techniques to children, adolescents and adults. In her practice she combines proper breathing with the proper function of all the muscles of the head, neck, shoulders and postural muscles. She believes that proper muscle balance with proper breathing can achieve a superior level of health from young to old. She has experience with tongue tie in the infants to help form the proper breathing channel to asthmatics of all ages to the mild and moderate sleep apnea patient. Core breathing will oxygenate all organs and tissue helping them maintain an optimum level of performance. Her practice includes all of Arizona and many outlying areas can be seen over Skype or Face Time. Please call or email and she will be glad to discuss your particular concerns.

Skype address: marsha.gill2
Email: [email protected]
Web: myofunctionaltherapyphoenix.com and OMTphoenix.com
Phone or Face Time contact: 602-796-6070

Victoria Jones – Prescott, Arizona

I am a personal trainer, dietician, and former international athlete.

For 30 years whilst owning my own fitness and wellness company, I have strived to maintain optimal health myself.

All that changed in July 2020 when I got COVID; for the past 14 months, I’ve been on the
Long-Haul rollercoaster trying to come to terms with what the virus has done and continues to
do to my body and mind.

Only in the last 2 months have I felt well enough to start doing some light movement sessions. I have been researching and implementing natural healing modalities which have helped greatly with my recovery.

During March of this current year, I learned about the potential benefits of breathwork exercises for Long-Haul COVID patients. For me some of these exercises were very challenging, however, they were clearly helping.

As a result of this, I started researching breathwork and learnt of the Buteyko method and OA (Oxygen Advantage).

Since practicing their techniques, I am seeing significant strides in my recovery and have
exercises to use during the occasional relapse. I’ve now become passionate about sharing this
invaluable information to help others who may too may be struggling with long COVID.

Contact details:

Email: [email protected]
phone # USA (928) 925-2547
business name: Project Breathe Right

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