Live Online Clinic with Patrick McKeown


Due to a busy international teaching and speaking schedule Patrick only delivers clinics to individual clients when home in Ireland.
Join him for a 2-hour live online clinic to learn the Buteyko Method directly from him, in a small group, via online meeting room technology (Zoom).
Each clinic is designed to focus on the specific breathing exercises and guidelines required to significantly reduce the incidence of:

 Asthma and Respiratory Issues

  • Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Panic Attacks
  • Sleep Disordered Breathing: Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Fatigue and Insomnia

During this live 2-hour clinic Patrick will assess your breathing, and on the basis of this will prescribe to you a specific set of breathing exercises and lifestyle protocols to be practiced daily. He will take the time to explain the science linking dysfunctional breathing patterns to the conditions listed above, as well as teach you the correct way to practice each exercise and set you a daily program to restore you to normal, healthy breathing.

What you will receive:

  • 2-hour live online clinic with Patrick McKeown
  • Conducted in a small group with time to ask questions and receive answer
  • If you cannot attend live due to a time difference, the full recording will be emailed to you the following day
  • Access to a complete Buteyko Clinic online course (incl. e-book, videos and audio) for lifetime use
  • Free Refresher (attend the next scheduled online clinic free of charge)

Learn Buteyko
for Asthma & Respiratory

Learn Buteyko for
Stress, Anxiety,Panic
Attacks & Depression

Learn Buteyko for
Snoring, Sleep Apnea,
and Insomnia