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Buteyko Clinic International

Buteyko Clinic International (BCI) was founded in 2002 by world renowned Buteyko expert and author Patrick McKeown. Patrick serves as BCI’s Chief Executive Officer and Director of Training and Development. Patrick is assisted by a team of 6 Specialist Advisors to BCI. For more information on the BCI team click here.

BCI is a premier international training organization specializing in the provision of high quality professional training for Buteyko instructors and educators. Its graduates operate an extensive, international, independent network of clinics which teach clients the Buteyko Breathing Method. BCI is the largest and most successful Buteyko training school in the world.

Buteyko Professionals International

In 2015, Buteyko Clinic International (BCI) launched an affiliate organisation called Buteyko Professionals International (BPI). BPI is an international community of Buteyko professionals. It is the largest organization of Buteyko professionals in the world with members who work in a total of 53 countries. BPI is committed to ensuring that all Buteyko clients receive the highest standards of professional care while being taught the Buteyko Breathing Method by members of BPI.

BPI is lead by a Chief Executive Officer with the assistance of a Management Board, a Medical Advisory Board and a number of Specialist Advisors. The primary function of the 2 Boards and the Specialist Advisors is to advise the BPI Chairman (Patrick McKeown) and the BPI Chief Executive Officer (Dr. Alan Ruth). For more information on the BPI team click here.

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