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20Bruno Caverna – São Paulo

Movement and Breath exploration is what has driven Bruno in his life’s pursuit. Bruno is a professional dancer, choreographer, martial arts instructor, watsu therapist, and a passionate freediver.

Over the past 35 years Bruno has been studying and educating himself from various disciplines such as capoeira, contemporary dance, contact-improvisation, qi-gong, russian martial arts, watsu, and freediving.

In 2012 Bruno gave birth to Play-Fight and Liquid-Body, practices that foment an embodied movement philosophy. The turning point towards the breath happened in 2002 when his qi-gong Master suffered a near fatal car accident. His teacher underwent a miraculous healing process, attributed mostly to a form of dynamic Qi-Gong.

Bruno received the gift of this transmission of a very simple yet powerful form of breath-work, which happens to be finely aligned with Patrick Mckeown’s approach: low – slow – light.  From that point, Bruno integrated this breathing knowledge as a foundational aspect of his pedagogical approach.

Since 1995, Bruno has been teaching worldwide to people from all walks of life to over 35 countries. He is also the founder of Formless Arts, a cross-disciplinary educational hub composed of a team of avid facilitators and professionals committed to research in depth the body-mind relationship through relational movement. 

Contact details: 
Email: [email protected]
Address: Rua Bandeira Paulista 127/42
04532-010 São Paulo SP Brazil
Tel/WhatsApp: +55 73 99938 1994
Website: https://formless-arts.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/bcaverna

Gilberto Bicalho Rio de JaneiroGilberto Bicalho – Rio de Janeiro

My name is Gilberto Bicalho. I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I’ve been working with Chinese Medicine and Healing arts since 1989. Along this path, I’ve trained Internal Martial Arts, Ki-Aikido, Cheng Hsin, Tai-Chi and Systema.

I’ve had additional training in NLP (John Grinder), Pranic Healing (Choa Kok Sui), SOTAI (Japanese Postural Alignment), IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) which I have integrated into my practice.

These last few years, I’ve been developing and teaching ways people can relax, train their breathing and learn to meditate adapting to their life and work environment.

I also got involved with Buteyko in 2017, mainly for my own personal wellbeing and got trained in other breathing techniques like Pranayama, Tibetan Breathing work, and Conscious Breathing.

I am a fluent speaker of Portuguese and English.

WhatsApp 5521-988333205
Email: [email protected]

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