Buteyko Belt FAQs

Which countries do you ship Buteyko Belt to?

We ship worldwide. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. The belt is also available to purchase via www.amazon.co.uk

It is not currently available to purchase from www.amazon.com

Is Buteyko Belt priced in US dollars?

Yes the price is in US dollars (or equivalent in your local currency) and includes the cost of shipment.

Can children wear Buteyko belt?

Yes, under parental supervision.

Can I increase my CP by wearing Buteyko belt or do I also need to practice the buteyko breathing exercises?

Buteyko belt is a tool to assist you in correcting dysfunctional breathing patterns and increasing your CP.

Can I wear my belt for hours at a time throughout the day and night, or should I only wear it for 20-30 minute stints?

The belt can be worn for longer periods than 30 minutes. It can also be worn during sleep- for 6-7 hours. If practising Buteyko breathing exercises while using the belt then only use for a maximum of 30 minutes. If just wearing the belt to apply resistance to breathing, then it can be worn for longer. Our recommendation is not to wear every day, to also give the body a chance to work by itself. Wear every second day for example.

My belt does not feel like it is creating air hunger – what should I do?

When you wear your belt, set it at a resistance that causes some restriction to your breathing, what we describe as a ‘tolerable air hunger’. Gently allow your breathing to slow down aided by the resistance caused by the belt. You also need to be somewhat aware of your breathing while wearing the belt. The purpose of the belt is to create a resistance to slow down breathing to reduce breathing volume. Wear the belt while performing daily tasks, exercising or sleeping.

So, with the belt you achieve the same as when doing the breathing exercises? But the diaphragm is passive while wearing the belt, isn't it?

The belt is designed to exert a resistance to breathing on the inhalation. The inhalation is active. On the exhalation, the belt is designed to help bring awareness to breathing and to assist in a natural slow and relaxed exhalation. The exhalation during rest is passive.

I wear my belt at night but in the morning have found that I have muscle aches in my back. Am I wearing it too tightly or is this common in the beginning?

The belt should not cause any pain or muscle aches. The belt should feel comfortable if worn during sleep. You are adjusting the straps too tightly or have chosen a wrong sized belt. Please loosen the straps for a comfortable fit that causes some restriction to your breathing but does not cause pain. Achy muscles may be due to the extra load placed on your breathing muscles during sleep. In time, I would expect the respiratory muscles to adapt.

Can I wear my belt while exercising?

Yes, your belt can be worn during exercise and this will add to your fitness workout. The belt creates resistance to breathing to improve respiratory muscle strength as well as reducing breathing volume.

Would wearing my belt while hiking/jogging be good for training for mountaineering in higher altitudes?

Yes, but you will feel a stronger air hunger. Wearing the belt during exercise adds an extra load to the breathing muscles- in essence giving them a workout. It would be best to wear the belt only for up to 30 minutes at a time during jogging, hiking etc.

How is Buteyko belt different from any other belts (because I'm using another one, which is for weight loss)?

If other belts are exerting a resistance to your breathing, and helping you achieve low and slow breathing, then they are performing a similar function to the Buteyko Belt. Buteyko belt has added straps to the sides for adjustment and to ensure resistance. If weight loss belts are the same design as Buteyko belt, then they too will have a similar function.

I purchased a Buteyko belt but 2 weeks have passed and I still haven’t received it. Is there a way of tracking my order?

We ship Buteyko belt by regular post from Ireland. As such there is no tracking. At the moment we are seeing delays with postal deliveries across a number of countries due to COVID-19 crisis, however rest assured our packages are reaching destination. It may take a few extra days for your belt to reach you. If your belt has not arrived within another week, please contact us at [email protected] – Thank you.

How can I wash my Buteyko belt?

Place belt in warm soapy water for a time. Then rinse with clean water and let dry naturally. Please do not place belt in washing machine or dryer.

I ordered the wrong sized belt. Can I return this for another size?

Yes, please contact us at [email protected] and we will arrange your return / shipment of new sized belt.

Does Buteyko Belt contain latex?

No, the belt does not contain latex

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