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Yuliyan todorov imgYuliyan Todorov

Yuli is a Medical Physicist who switched from health physics to fitness.

He is a Personal Trainer both in his own gym and online, Fitness Educator through his web site and Nutritional Consultant.

Yuli seeks out education and mentorship in all health and fitness related areas as exercising, nutrition, breathing, mobility, sleep and stress management. He reads a lot of books and studies, attends seminars and completes certifications in order to become more well rounded fitness professional.

Yuli works almost only with general population, but has a few professional athletes as well. Becoming a Buteyko Instructor gives him the opportunity to add up working with children to his clientele.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+359)88727725
website: yulisgym.com

lena hitova imgLena Hitova – Sofia

My name is Lena. I became a Yoga Teacher, but still didn’t understood the importance of the breath and how to breath properly, not until I learned about the Buteyko method.

The science behind this type of breathing really got me intrigued, so I signed up and got trained on how to breath to heal all of the problems I had. After my first session it felt like I came back to my body after being gone and away for a very long time. It felt like coming back from a different dimension of existence.

With consistent practice I started to get better and better, which made me realize this one thing, the breath is the key to life and vitality and our emotions, it’s the very key to connection back to inner self, the innermost parts of our beingness and reestablishing that inner child connection to ourselves and the world around us.

The way we breath impacts every function within us, the diaphragm and the speed at which we breath is directly connected to our emotions, correct breathing can heal our emotions and body on level that goes beyond anything.

I have never felt better in my life, and now my purpose is to help others heal and awaken this inner perception of self awareness and self healing.

Website: Home | Lena Hitova (wixsite.com)

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