Buteyko Clinic International Instructor Certification

certificationTrain as a Buteyko instructor with Buteyko Clinic International, and provide your clients with a simple and scientific technique to take control of their health. No career prerequisites, no annual license fee, just a commitment to support your personal and professional growth at every point of your Buteyko career.

The Buteyko Clinic Method is a therapeutic intervention for a number of common ailments including asthma, rhinitis, dysfunctional breathing, dental and cranio health, anxiety, stress, fatigue, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea and to improve sports performance.

Depending on your location you may attend one of the following types of trainings:

Certificate in the Buteyko Method (Europe and Australia)

Diploma in the Buteyko Method (Ireland)

For 2018 course dates and locations CLICK HERE

Since Dr. Buteyko died, Patrick McKeown has established himself as one of the leading teachers of this breathing method.

Dr Joseph Mercola
of Mercola.com

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