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A passionate teacher of Spanish and pastoral leader in a challenging Liverpool comprehensive, I was diagnosed with ME/chronic fatigue in December 2004. Despite my dedication and love for my job, I had an intuition something was amiss before I fell ill. Poor diet, insomnia, habitual over breathing and an unbalanced, overactive mind meant that following a minor bout of tonsillitis, my immune system was barely functional and I simply could not recover. Whilst my doctors were caring and sympathetic, I was simply told to rest.

In short, I had run myself into the ground, burnt out and my body was giving a warning to change the way I was living and address the root causes of my burnout. For over two years, I searched in vain for the cure all, be it in the form of a wonder supplement or an alternative therapy. Whilst these all brought benefit, they did not address the underlying causes of my illness.

My major breakthrough came with my discovery of the Lightning Process by which I learnt to manage negative thoughts and anxiety towards my illness. Free from being caught in a constant “fight or flight” loop, my immune system became buoyant again and I was on the road to recovery. Also, I developed a keen interest in meditation and now incorporate this into my daily life. The benefits are invaluable in coping with the vicissitudes of modern life.

The foundation on which good health is based, is to breathe correctly. So, my discovery of the Buteyko breathing method was life changing. Within days of practising the technique, I realised the root of my illness had been habitual and chronic over breathing. Once I learned to breathe through the nose in a controlled manner, I noticed practically all of my symptoms disappeared.

Healthier than ever before, I became fascinated by the reality that people can with simple changes, regain or maintain optimal health. It was around this time that I decided to devote myself fully to helping people make meaningful changes to their lives. So I embarked on a career to enable people to take control of their mind and body to achieve real health and happiness through mindfulness and correct breathing.

I received my Buteyko Breathing Technique diploma studying under Patrick McKeown and I will be teaching privately and running courses in Liverpool. Please feel free to call me on 07763693454 or mail me at [email protected].

Patrick is one of a handful of Buteyko Breathing Technique instructors to study directly under and be accredited by the late Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, the founder of the Buteyko Breathing Technique.

For any person who wishes to have clearer functioning of his or her mind and not to be bogged down with useless thinking. Within three weeks the result will be more control over thoughts, better concentration, more energy, more joy, happiness and appreciation for life. This is a simple and straightforward self-help workshop approached from two different and yet related perspectives.

The first is about correcting breathing volume using a physician-developed programme known as the Buteyko Breathing Method. Chronic overbreathing is a habit present with any person who experiences stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. It causes both a constriction of blood vessels and reduced delivery of oxygen to tissues and organs, most notably the brain. The Buteyko Method is a simple approach that significantly improves oxygenation of the brain, resulting in far less brain cell excitability.

The second aspect deals with recognising the activity of the mind, the nature of thought and how to step out of thought. This too is essential to understanding your mind and taking control.

Included is recognising the effects of chronic hyperventilation, how to measure relative breathing volume, reduced breathing to address chronic hyperventilation, breathing exercise to stop anxiety, racing mind and panic attacks, bringing attention to the inner body, living in the now, recognising your thoughts and how to step outside of thought.

Sample Workshop content from the book Anxiety Free: Stop worrying and quieten your mind by Patrick McKeown. (book available from all Easons Bookstores)

  • 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – The Buteyko Method
  • Chapter 3 – Applying Buteyko Breathing
  • Chapter 10 – Can you afford not to have a still mind?
  • Chapter 11 – You know all of this!
  • Chapter 12 – Going forward
  • Chapter 14 – The Result
  • Chapter 15 – What to do

How to make a booking

To book a course, send an Email with your name, address and telephone number to [email protected] or freecall us at 1800 931 935


DublinAnxiety Free 2 hour Workshop 2013
20 Eden Quay, Dublin 1Fri 18th Jan 630pm- 830pm
Cost: €75 per person
Instructor: Patrick McKeown
20 Eden Quay, Dublin 1Sat 19th Jan 2pm- 4pm
Course FULL
Instructor: Patrick McKeown
DublinAnxiety Free 2 hour Workshop 2013
20 Eden Quay, Dublin 1Sat 2nd Feb 2pm- 4pm
Cost: €75 per person
Instructor: Patrick McKeown
GalwayAnxiety Free 2 hour Workshop 2013
LoughwellWed 20th Feb 2pm- 4pm
Moycullen, Co GalwayCost: €75 per person
Instructor: Patrick McKeown

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