Elaine Stafford
Buteyko Somerset

ElaineElaine is a Certified Buteyko Instructor and also teaches Indian Head Massage, Reiki & Seichem. She practices in Somerset, UK, and works at her local health centre, home, schools or workplaces. Being a member of an established health centre in South Somerset allows for a great environment to work with clients individually or in a group setting.

Elaine holds group workshops with children and/or adults, and some workshops are designed for specific conditions such as Asthma / Sleep Apnoea. Her work takes her into schools to work individually & successfully with children who have a range of conditions that could be improved by using the Buteyko Method. More recently workshops within the workplace have been very successful and generated a noted reduction in sickness days due to anxiety and sleep problems. Please do contact Elaine directly to discuss how this could work for you or your workplace.

Individual appointments usually consist of 5 sessions which can range from 45 minutes – 75 minutes plus a review within 12 months which can be through attending a workshop.

Workshops are priced individually depending on the total number of attendees and time to carry out the workshop, please contact Elaine for more information.

Elaine accepts referrals from Health Professionals and works closely with many Dentists & Asthma Nurses in the area to teach the Buteyko Method.

Please contact Elaine at 07976 952347 / [email protected]


Elaine has personally suffered with asthma from the age of 9, and up until discovering the Buteyko method, was dependant on daily doses of preventer & Ventolin inhalers.

This personal experience teamed with a long interest in health and wellbeing has allowed her to develop her knowledge for Buteyko and after being taught by Patrick McKeown in London, whom himself was trained by Professor Konstantin Buteyko, is now enthused to teach the Buteyko method and has a special interest in how Buteyko benefits Asthma & Sleep Apnoea.


07976 952347

Somerset, BA20 1UR

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