Certificate in the Buteyko Clinic Method:

Country Specific Training (4 days) or Online Certificate in the Buteyko Clinic Method

Buteyko Clinic International Certificate Training

  • Four days’ intensive face to face training.
  • Online video training of theory and practical demonstration. The entire Buteyko Certificate training is professionally filmed, edited and available by video to provide an in-depth learning experience.
  • Required reading of articles and presentations in preparation for face to face training – access to an extensive collection of papers, articles and presentations by Patrick McKeown is available upon registration.
  • Free access to bi monthly 2 hour online classes for practical and theoretical Buteyko Method for asthma, sleep issues and anxiety.
  • The requirement to complete case studies and exam to achieve certification.
  • Upon successful completion of case studies and exam, a certificate in the Buteyko Clinic Method is granted by Buteyko Clinic International.
  • If desired, attendance on a further Buteyko training with Patrick McKeown is encouraged as a refresher, and granted at a nominal fee or on a complimentary basis.

Buteyko Clinic International Certificate Training Syllabus

  • Respiratory physiology
  • Optimising oxygen uptake and delivery
  • Mouth breathing: physical mental and emotional consequences
  • Examining dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • Practical application of the Buteyko method
    1. Nose unblocking exercise
    2. Breathe Light (five variations)
    3. Breathe Light physical exercise (two variations)
    4. Walking with breath holds
    5. Steps exercise (three variations)
    6. Breathing recovery
  • Contraindications
  • Tailoring exercises to specific people
  • Week to week format to train adults
  • Mouth breathing in children
  • Teaching children & teenagers
  • Week to week format to train children
  • Functioning of autonomic nervous system
  • Breathing and heart rate variability
  • Breathing re-education in sleep
  • Phenotypes of sleep apnea
  • Breathing & TMJ disease
  • Exhaustion, anxiety, panic disorder and breathing
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