Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome

Click to download pdf presentation with numerous medical papers explaining chronic hyperventilation syndrome.


  • Occurs under stresses of daily living
  • Commonly goes undiagnosed for years, as physicians refer patients from one to another
  • Carbon dioxide drives our breathing, not oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide is primary regulator of blood pH
  • Hyperventilation washes carbon dioxide from the lungs creating a state of hypocapnia
  • pH of blood changes in alkaline direction
  • During long term hyperventilation, kidneys dump bicarbonate to maintain pH
  • This ensures a continued state of chronic hyperventilation
  • Change of pH causes a left shift of the oxyhaemoglobin curve
  • This increases affinity of haemoglobin to oxygen
  • Chronic hyperventilation causes arterial blood vessels to constrict
  • This reduces blood flow to organs and systems including brain and heart
  • Chronic hyperventilation reduces availability of calcium
  • Chickens in Indiana fed carbonated water to ensure good quality egg shells
  • Hyperventilation provocation test commonly recognised as diagnostic tool
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