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kaleen 200x300Kalee Olmstead, Crested Butte, Colorado

Kalee Olmstead is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist on the Western Slope of Colorado. She is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health. After fourteen years in dentistry, she began questioning current dental trends and techniques and the long-term impacts they may have on jaw joints, spinal alignment, facial growth and sleep apnea. The search for answers led her to Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and courses with Patrick to learn the Buteyko Breathing Method. She enjoys teaching clients of all ages how to improve their dental hygiene, retrain muscles of the head and neck, correct posture and reduce breathing to allow for better oxygenation and health. With the Buteyko Breathing Method she has helped people improve asthma symptoms, reduce apnea episodes, improve facial aesthetics and enhance sports performance. She sees patients in person or via Skype. Please call or email and she will happily discuss your concerns.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (970)349-5577
Facebook: Mountain Myo

dr frank seamanDr. Frank Seaman, Silverthorne and Colorado Springs

Dr. Frank Seaman graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. After graduation, he went on to dental school and then completed a general practice residency and then a three year Prosthodontics residency. Prosthodontists treat complex/ comprehensive restorative dental patients, to include airway management patients. Current airway management protocols are being challenged with less invasive approaches such as the Buteyko method. Dr. Seaman completed his Diploma in the Buteyko Breathing Method with Patrick McKeown of Buteyko Clinic International in Ireland in 2017. Hundreds of Dr. Seaman’s TMJ patients have experienced remarkable improvement with problems such as dry mouth, teeth clenching/grinding, snoring and gasping, morning fatigue and headaches by learning to nose breathe. Dr. Seaman has found that stopping mouth breathing is the first step toward reducing over breathing and also correcting improper tongue position/function. He has used lip tape to help patients reduce mouth breathing especially at night when they are unaware of mouth breathing.

Dr. Seaman’s patients often complained of sensitivity to the harsh adhesives of OTC tape, and he, therefore, invented a different tape, lipseal tape that is comfortable, non allergenic, has effective lip constraint and at the same time is easy to remove from the sensitive skin around the lips and mouth. More information can be found at www.lipsealtape.com.

As an avid trail runner, Dr Seaman has used Buteyko breathing and lip tape extensively while running at high altitudes in Colorado. He finds improved endurance and performance, less congestion and less urge of thirst while running with tape on his lips. In the spirit of promoting Buteyko breathing during sports, he ran the Pikes Peak Ascent (13.1 miles, 7800ft elevation gain to 14115 ft) with tape on his lips. This was his 12th Pikes Peak Ascent race, but the first with tape. After the run, he realized how important having comfortable tape is, and confirmed the importance of developing a comfortable tape.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 970-368-7600

Lori imgDr. Lori Kemmet – Boulder, CO

Dr. Lori Kemmet is a 1985 graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead MN and a 1989 graduate of the University of MN Dental School. After a three year commission in the United States Air Force she started her private practice in Boulder CO. She instructed dentists at the Las Vegas Institute for seventeen years and is passionate about helping others in her profession. She was the second recipient of the LVI Mastership Award in 2004. She has lectured and written articles in numerous dental publications. She owns a thriving dental practice in Boulder Colorado – Incredible Smiles. She focuses her energy on customer service and loves the business of dentistry. She continues her understanding of neuromuscular dentistry by being a member of ICCMO and the IACA.In 2011 she received her Fellowship Award from ICCMO and in 2015 became Fellow of Buteyko Professionals International. Dr. Kemmet is the official dentist of the Mrs. Colorado pageant. She founded the Dr. Lori Kemmet Pre-Dental Scholarship at Concordia College. Lori and her husband own Yoga Loft studios in Boulder and Gunbarrel Colorado. Lori is passionate about sharing her knowledge related to all things health: including lectures to organizations on the benefits of Avita Yoga, the Buteyko Breathing Method and Eating for Wellness. You can contact her at:
[email protected]

Lori owns Incredible Smiles where she practices dentistry and owns Yoga Loft with her husband Jeff where they both teach Avita Yoga. Breathing correctly is everything! She is happy to lecture for your group about the power of oxygen and health with Buteyko Breathing.

Christine Carr imgChristine Carr, MSPT, DPT, COMT, OCS, c-IAYT – Grand Junction, Colorado

Christine is a doctor of physical therapy that specializes in orthopedics, spinal disorders, golf fitness, yoga therapy and complementary medicine. She owns a private practice in Grand Junction, Colorado where she treats a variety of clientele.

Christine enjoys working with adolescents and adults of all ages that are recovering from injury, managing a chronic condition or those interested in learning how to better care for their bodies or excel in sport.

Her background in yoga studies, functional medicine and orthopedics gives her an integrated perspective on functional movement and health. She has previously used both physical therapy and yoga therapy to help those suffering anxiety and mild dysfunctional breathing issues.

The Buteyko Method has helped her to further improve her understanding of human physiology and what is needed for effective rehabilitation.

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.trptwellness.com
Tel: 970-260-8326.

deborah berioli img resizeDeborah Berioli, PD, CSOM, Performing Arts Coach, Breath Work Specialist – Denver, Colorado

Deborah Berioli, is located in Denver, Colorado and is the owner and founder of Axis Breathing. She holds a Professional Diploma in Behavioral Health Sciences, is trained in biofeedback technology utilizing capnometry, heart rate variability (HRV) and muscle function (EMG), a Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology, critically acclaimed operatic soprano and a certified Buteyko Breathing Instructor.

Deborah is passionate about breath work and its essential role in health especially in relation to anxiety, depression, panic disorder, sleep apnea, weight loss and mindfulness practices. Deborah offers breathing techniques that support the individual as a whole to offer inner balance, wellness and longevity.

She is available to work online or in person in the Denver/Golden/Boulder Colorado area, and is reachable by email: [email protected] and on the web at www.AxisBreathing.com.

robbie goldsmith imgRobbie Goldsmith – Fort Collins, Colorado

Robbie is a massage therapist and the owner of Zev Wellness in Fort Collins, CO, USA and has been practicing massage since 2015.

He is excited to bring the Buteyko Clinic Breathing Method into his practice, being most interested in working with people with nervous system disorders like anxiety and depression, but also eager to share the method with asthmatics and people with sleep disorders.

In his massage practice, Robbie specializes in back and neck pain and discomfort and offers individualized self-care tips to his clients. He has always felt lacking though in what to offer for stress relief between sessions, as not many of the popular methods seem to do much.

After seeking out and trying different tools and avenues to stress relief for decades, Robbie has finally found incredible anxiety and asthma relief using Buteyko breathing and is excited to share Buteyko with others so they can feel better, too.

His quality of life is continuously improving as his breathing keeps getting more slow, soft, and normalized, and he hopes that more people learn about and practice the Buteyko Clinic Breathing Method.

Email: [email protected]
Website: ZevWellness.com
Tel: (970) 658-0187

kerry maiorca imgKerry Maiorca – Yoga Teacher & Sound Healing Practitioner – Boulder, Colorado

What if everything you believed about “deep breathing” was outdated?

Kerry has been teaching Gentle & Restorative Yoga and Meditation for over 20 years. After encountering the Buteyko Breathing Method Kerry realized that her outdated beliefs about breath were negatively impacting her health and wellbeing, and she was determined to share a new approach with students and one-on-one clients.

If you frequently sigh or yawn, crave deep chest breaths to feel “fully oxygenated,” experience anxiety in meditation or other quieting practices where breath is intended to be subtle, or can’t imagine getting on a yoga mat with the accompaniment of a loud ujjayi breath practice, please reach out.

Kerry welcomes the opportunity to work with adults and children who are looking to create a shift, whether within the context of a Yoga or Sound Healing session or as a standalone Breath Retraining session.

Website: KerryMaiorca.com
Email: [email protected]

Kecskes Marton AdorjanKecskes Marton Adorjan

After struggling for 23 years with seasonal depression, social anxiety, allergies, frequent colds that would turn into full blown asthma attacks followed by hospitalization and having conventional symptomatic treatment (inhalers, steroids) Mr. Ady first learnt about the Buteyko Method in Hungary in 2013. It was a lifechanging experience. It was the first time ever he regained control of his health, became asthma free and could manage more easily his anxiety and depression. Regaining his health, finishing his Masters studies in Music & Education he embarked on a global journey and became a digital nomad. After dedicating 1000s of hours and several years learning informally about human behavior (one of his passions), traveling/working/living in more than 55 countries and further refining his own Buteyko Self-Practice with other elements (Clinical Dietary Protocols) he decided to become an accredited and certified Buteyko Clinic Practitioner in 2020. His dedicated self-practice allowed him to achieve great results (4-6 hour sleep, 30-40 sec MCP/BOLT score). He is mostly based in Asia with occasional relocations to Europe & the Americas. Aside from his dedicated profession he is also interested in languages (being fluent in 4), cultures (continues to travel), personality psychology (to tailor & customize his services, Big5) and the latest cancer research (PKD, metabolic health) and on a broader scale about lifestyle disease in general.

To make the Buteyko Method more accessible in Asia he provides online instruction at very low cost!!!

[email protected]
Facebook Messenger: Ady Kecskes
Current Whatsapp (subject to change): +639913164334

profile pic 2Tonya Lange – Fairplay/Breckenridge, Colorado

Tonya Lange has been practicing dental hygiene for sixteen years and was introduced to orofacial myofunctional therapy over five years ago. During this time she has been able to see drastic changes in the patients she has worked with.

She has also seen changes in her own health and was able to get out of TMJ pain and chronic headaches with this knowledge. She has developed a passion for helping her patients restore proper tongue posture, swallowing and breathing. She has a passion for education and providing the best possible care for her patients.

She enjoys working with all ages to restore better health and habits but she really enjoys working with sleep disordered breathing and obstructive sleep apnea. She realizes the importance of better sleep and breathing. She is able to provide care in person or over virtual resources to extend her patient reach and be able to help more people achieve optimal health.

Please call or email her to discuss your concerns and goals for better health. She looks forward to continuing to change people’s lives and educating them on the importance of proper breathing and health.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 320-761-6892

HeadshotKay Magruder – Montrose, Colorado

My name is Kay Magruder. I am a recently retired Registered Dental Hygienist of over 40 years, and a practicing Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist of 2+ years.

I live in the small rural western Colorado town of Montrose where I am the sole practitioner of my OMT business, Montrose Myo, LLC, treating clients ages 5 years and older.

I have a special interest in sleep apnea patients because my husband was diagnosed with OSA last year. After practicing OMT and Buteyko breathing over the past year, he has improved his AHI score from severe to moderate and it is still improving as time goes on. He was able to get off of his CPAP machine recently and, needless to say, we are elated!

Since adding Buteyko Breathing to my OMT practice, I have seen better compliance and impressive progress of therapy. My goal for all of my client’s is that they live their best, healthiest life possible. OMT and Buteyko breathing go hand-in-hand for the best outcome for everyone. And I always strive to put the FUN in MyoFUNctional Therapy and Buteyko exercises through relatively easy, relaxed, motivational and confidence-building sessions.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take Patrick’s online course and add Buteyko breathing as a valuable tool in my OMT toolkit.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Phone: (970) 275-3891
Web: www.montrosemyo.com

IMG 4003 2 2Julie Hill – Littleton, Colorado

Julie is a Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, NeuroKinetic Therapy Practitioner, Personal Trainer, and Breath Coach. She specializes in helping people eliminate pain by changing the way they move and breathe. Julie is excited to incorporate Buteyko Breathing into her teachings.

She works with a variety of students from beginner to advanced yogis, athletes to seniors, disabled students as well as people with pain. She has helped those with sleep issues, asthma, anxiety, chronic stress, pain, and many who simply felt they were not breathing correctly. Her students inspire her to continue growing as a teacher.

Julie offers both online and in-person trainings. Self-awareness is at the center of her teachings. Private sessions go beyond treating the symptoms to find the underlying dysfunction and put students on the path to wellness.

She is a lover of the outdoors and mountain sports, enjoying skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding and camping.

Web: JulieHillmt.com
Tel: 303-881-8231
Email: [email protected]

Megan1Megan DeWalt, RDH, OMT – Denver, CO

Megan is an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist that specializes in clients 5 years old and above, with the mindset that you are never too old to benefit from therapy! As a myofunctional therapist, she focuses on how our breathing pattern, resting tongue posture and swallow pattern affect craniofacial development. If dysfunction of these patterns is present, structural deficiencies and symptoms can result. Symptoms can include TMJ, grinding, headaches/migraines, neck/shoulder tension, congestion, respiratory concerns, digestive concerns, snoring, poor sleep quality and sleep apnea to name a few. Myofunctional therapy reestablishes proper oral functioning patterns to promote a healthy structure and reduce/eliminate symptoms. 

Although she is based in Denver, Megan’s practice is an all virtual practice and is accessible to anyone! Megan started Advanced Myofunctional Therapy in 2018, after practicing Dental Hygiene for 16 years. She was adamant at finding the root cause of the dental issues she saw in her dental chair everyday. She completed the Integrative Myofunctional Therapy Myo Mastery Program and went on to further her education with ALF Education Institute and now, Buteyko Clinic International.

Web: advancedmyofunctionaltherapy.com
Tel: 312-498-9389

Joe Somodi - Fort CollinsJoe Somodi – Fort Collins

With over two decades of expertise in breath training and mental performance coaching, Joe Somodi has honed his skills across a diverse range of settings, from corporate and nonprofit organizations to high school and college athletics throughout the United States. As a master yoga educator and breath coach, Joe’s influence has positively enriched thousands of lives through numerous inspiring classes and workshops.

Joe’s unique approach, integrating yoga, meditation, Buteyko, and the Oxygen Advantage, cultivates a comprehensive and immersive breath training experience. His remarkable ability to weave together these techniques encourages clients to cultivate lasting habits that amplify their physical and mental performance.

Joe’s clients not only improve their health by enhancing the quality of their breath but also acquire mental clarity, focus, and tranquility. Through his unwavering devotion, Joe provides a breath training journey that serves as a blueprint for optimal performance and wellbeing.

Currently residing in Fort Collins, Colorado, Joe generously offers his expertise both in-person and online and travels with enthusiasm to reach eager students near and far.

Armed with an array of accreditations in yoga, meditation, and breath training, and as a certified Life Coach, Joe is passionately committed to volunteering for the Special Olympics and supporting first responders and our courageous veterans.

Instagram: @joesomodi
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.joesomodi.com

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