Buteyko January training

Jennifer Barnett, Australia

I trained as a Buteyko Instructor with Patrick McKeown at his clinic in Ireland in January 2019. I work primarily as a psychotherapist in my own practice in Canberra, Australia. Our world is a pretty stressful one and I see a great application of this method with your everyday “worried well” folk who have anxiety and stress as a norm in their daily lives. I think the training was terrific and I am looking forward to running groups for children and adults presenting not just with anxiety and mental health issues, but any of the many conditions which can result from incorrect mouth breathing – asthma, hay fever, sleep apnea, to name a few. Last year by applying some of the basic principles of the Buteyko breathing method, without it even being a goal I experienced my first ever year in Canberra free of hay fever.

Patrick looked after his trainees very well. We were from all over the world and Patrick took us to visit a local castle on our journey from his Galway clinic back to Dublin. Thanks Patrick – the Buteyko breathing method and the training and education involved is in good hands! (January 2019)

Jo Hatherley, UK

I took the online Buteyko teaching certificate and qualified last year. I have nothing but praise for Patrick and his company. The training has greatly enhanced my knowledge and is a wonderful addition to my business. The support after qualifying has been tremendous, from very helpful social media groups to online workshops and email support when needed. I’ve taken many trainings with different providers and have never received this level of support and follow up training from any other provider. I highly recommend Patrick and his team. Thank you so much! (2022)

Katarzyna Slabon, Poland

I took 4- days Buteyko course for instructors with Patrick in his clinic in Moycullen. It was a wonderful experience. Patrick is a great teacher and really nice, humble person. I could feel he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others. He is easy to listen to and made those days filled with learning so nicely balanced, so we would not be too tired. He looked after us very well, and clearly explained all aspects of Buteyko method. I enjoyed his guided relaxation and calm voice. I finished the course feeling very satisfied with learning about the method and Patrick answered all of my many questions. I am much more confident in my work now and using Buteyko in my personal life. I loved the atmosphere during the course, friendliness, connection and learned also a lot from other participants. This is a beauty of the trainings in person. We received so much materials, books and online content. I feel really supported and prepared to use this knowledge. Training was definitely worth attending and I can recommend it without a doubt. Thank you Patrick for all your help and creating such an enjoyable training. (June 2022)

Fleur Conway, Spain

Fantastic training with Patrick. So full of knowledge and wisdom, yet humble and down to earth. Even though I have already done the online training in Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko Method, the in person training is superb. Fantastic set up. Fantastic class room. Fantastic staff & Food. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole training. Definitely would recommend Buteyko Clinic. (January 2023)

Sarah Payne, UK

Fantastic course – really inspiring and evidence-based with a good mix of theory and practical learning. Also was great meeting so many like-minded people on the course. The clinic is in a remote but beautiful location (even amongst the January rain we had some rainbows) so would recommend hiring a car or contacting the clinic for alternative arrangements. (January 2023)

Cormac Noonan, Ireland

Amazing experience training with Patrick at the Buteyko Clinic. Couldn’t recommend the training highly enough. Excellent training, brilliant staff, delicious food and a warm, friendly environment. (January 2023)

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