Jevgenia Titova photoJevgenia Titova

Jevgenia is a certified speech language pathologist (MA degree, Pushkin Leningrad State University). In addition, she has completed myofunctional therapy training. She is a certified clinical competence speech language therapist

Jevgenia attended Buteyko Clinic International’s Certificate in the Buteyko Method Training in London in 2018 delivered by Patrick McKeown, and is now a certified Buteyko Instructor.

She has worked as a speech language pathologist with patients of different ages in the Department of Medical Rehabilitation as well as in nursery schools for children with special needs.

Email: [email protected]
Web: www.logopeed.ee

Galina GololobovaGalina Gololobova

Galina is a certified speech language pathologist (MA degree, Tartu University) and myofunctional therapist.  She attended the Buteyko Clinic International`s Certificate in Buteyko Method Training in London 2018 delivered by Patrick McKeown and now a certified Buteyko Instructor.

She works as a speech therapist in a hospital in a rehabilitation department with children and adults of all ages. She also worked with children with special needs at kinder gardens and schools.

email: [email protected]
web: www.ivkh.ee

Maria OssipovaMaria Ossipova – Tallinn

I am Maria Ossipova from Tallinn, Estonia. I completed the course Buteyko Breathing Re-Education for Myofunctional Therapy in Tallinn in 2015 delivered by Patrick McKeown. In addition, I have completed several Myofunctional therapy courses.

I am an orthodontic assistant in Kaarli Dental Clinic. I’m responsible for correcting poor oral habits, known as incorrect Myofunctional habits. Teaching children to breathe through their nose, instead of their mouth, is our first goal and is very important for their health!


email: [email protected]
web: www.khp.ee
web: www.khp.ee/hambaarst/jelena-ldinina/

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