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Buteyko Breathing Practitioners – Hungary

Varga-Szilagyi Gyula

Elete nagy reszeben kronikus asztmaban szenvedett. A Buteyko-fele legzestechnika alkalmazasaval tokeletesen meggyogyitotta magat. Irorszagban Patrick McKeownnal, Andrej Novozsilovnal es Moszkvaban Ludmilla Buteykonal szerzett Buteyko terapeuta, majd terapeuta-tanari diplomat. Tanfolyamai reven Magyarorszag-szerte rengeteg embert segitett hozza, hogy megjavitsa eletminoseget, visszanyerje egeszseget.

Gyula suffered from asthma for most of his lifetime. After applying the Buteyko Method he made a complete recovery. He was trained as a practitioner by Patrick McKeown, Dr Andrey Novozhilov and Dr Ludmila Buteyko. He is also accredited to train Buteyko practitioners. Many people have greatly improved their quality of life and reduced their need for medication after they attended his courses.

Gyula offers Buteyko courses throughout Hungary.

Varga-Szilagyi Gyula
Tel: +36 20 955 3435
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Péter Lakatos

Peter is a Master SFG Instructor with Pavel Tsatsouline and creator and Chief Instructor of Ground Force Method. He is also a Krav Maga Expert 3 Level Instructor and International Team Instructor with Eyal Yanilov, Krav Maga Global. Peter is also a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner with Carlson Gracie Jr and Buteyko teacher, Oxygen Advantage master trainer. He works with elite athletes, special units around the World and consults with Olympic Federations.