Buteyko Breathing Instructors – Illinois

GeralynnGeralynn Huffman – Park Ridge, Illinois

I have been a practicing dental hygienist for many years in Park Ridge, Illinois, USA.  Several years ago I became interested in sleep disorders and how they related to our health.  This led me to become a certified oral facial myofunctional therapist with a focus on breathing which led me to training as a Buteyko Educator with Buteyko Clinic International.  My outreach is to people of all ages beginning with young infants and their parents, to the elderly.  I usually teach in our Park Ridge office, online or in a patient’s home.  The best way to reach me is through email at [email protected]

jennifer flage hobson new imgJennifer Flage Hobson, PT, DPT, MTC, CFC, CMTPT

Dr. Hobson is a European-trained physical therapist. She earned her physical therapy degree, with an emphasis on manual therapy at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She later earned her doctorate at the University or St. Augustine (U. St. A). Dr. Hobson currently trains and teaches with renowned Dr. Mariano Rocabado in Chile and in the United States through the U St. A. She is one of the few Rocabado trained physical therapists in the United States, known to use the Rocabado advanced treatment of TMJ, head and neck pain. Trained in Myofunctional therapy, Dr. Hobson also works with patients to restore the function of the tongue and mouth, including swallowing, chewing, nasal breathing and airway patency health for children and adults. Dr. Hobson is the owner of Physical Therapy Renaissance and Hobson institute and is now incorporating the Buteyko Breathing method in her therapy. Now as a Certified Buteyko Instructor, she is a true believer that proper breathing mechanics is the solution to the many problems head and neck patient’s experience.

Jennifer Flage Hobson, PT, DPT, MTC, CFC, CMTPT
Hobson Institute, Ltd.,
25 E Washington Street
Suite 1310
Chicago, IL 60602
[email protected]

Jennifer Flage Hobson, PT, DPT, MTC, CFC, CMTPT
Hobson Institute, Ltd.,
2869 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
[email protected]

2maureenMaureen Cooney – Chicago area

Maureen Cooney is an ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in Early Intervention, Feeding and Myofunctional Therapy, and Buteyko Breathing. She has completed advanced course work in the areas of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders through the AOMT at UCLA and Sleep Disordered Breathing & Airway Disorders through the AAPMD at NYU’s College of Dentistry. Maureen is a three time recipient of the ASHA ACE Awards for ongoing continuing education. She has been in private practice since 2007.

Maureen Cooney
4560 W 103rd St.,
Oak Lawn
IL 60453
(773) 841-8180
[email protected]

Felix Laevsky – Chicago area

Best For Health
550 Greystone Ln
Wheeling IL 60090
[email protected]

Aida Bosnjak – CertBBM

715 W Washington Ave
Lake Bluff, IL 60044

Contact: [email protected]

Dr.Kelly Wells imgDr. Kelly Wells, DC, CSOM, DipBM, CertOA – St. Charles, Illinois

Dr. Kelly Wells is an SOT chiropractor and craniopath specializing in orofacial development. She works as part of an integrative team to address the underlying issues impacting airway health.

Dr. Kelly graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2005 with a previous background in kinesiology and Olympic-style weightlifting. After 15 years focusing on athletics and performance, she became a chiropractor and completed over 150 hours training in Sacro Occipital Technique and craniopathy. Personal experiences led her to get involved in dental/orthodontic and TMJ co-treatment in 2009. When her own newborn struggled with severe sleep, feeding, and sensory challenges in 2011, she trained extensively with the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Kelly’s orofacial myology training includes tongue/lip tie assessment (including infants) and specialized pre & post-op frenectomy protocols for all ages. She is board certified in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, has extensive training in nutrition. She holds a diplomate from Buteyko Clinic and teaches the method to professionals. Dr. Kelly is also a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor. She is involved in breastfeeding education and is adjunct faculty teaching Anatomy & Physiology I & II. Since 2017 she has been speaking to professionals internationally on the importance of facial and airway development.

The Functional Therapy Centre
700 E Main St
Suite B
St. Charles, Illinois
[email protected]

Colleen Carey IMGColleen Carey, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. – Evanston, Illinois

Colleen is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher based in Evanston, Illinois.

She works with all ages and especially enjoys working with young children, teenagers and parents. She sees therapy as a collaborative process and approaches the work with compassion and practicality.

Her clinical interests include stress management, anxiety, life transitions, trauma, mood disorders, pervasive developmental disorders, relationship challenges, and grief.

Web: www.colleencareyhealing.com

Michelle ZeglinMichelle Zeglin – Roselle, Illinois

Michelle is a licensed speech language pathologist and Certified Orofacial Myologist (COM) who has been practicing since 2006. Michelle has provided therapy in a variety of clinical settings, including public and private schools, outpatient therapy settings, in-home and specializes in the feeding and myofunctional needs of infants through adults

She is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional who enjoys working with children and their families. Michelle strives to provide needed therapy and necessary education to help each patient reach success.

[email protected]

cristian pavel new imgDr. Cristian Pavel – Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Cristian Pavel is a dentist and certified yoga instructor in Chicago, Illinois.

He works alongside his wife with the aim to treat patients comprehensively by uncovering and treating the sources of their inflammation.

He also hosts dental aid yoga retreats in the Dominican Republic for dentists as well as private coaching dentists with the focus on wellness and stress management.

[email protected]

untitled 5911 2Amy Stumpf – Aurora, Illinois

Amy is a licensed and ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist with a focus in pediatrics. She received her bachelors and masters degrees from Illinois State University in 2008/2010. Amy holds certification as a lactation counselor and educator through the University of California at San Diego. She has completed training and coursework through the IAOM and is on track to become a certified orofacial myofunctional therapist in the near future. She mainly provides pediatric therapy for infant/childhood feeding and childhood myofunctional disorders. She loves practicing at a collaborative and multidisciplinary private practice in Aurora, IL. 

Amy Stumpf, MS CCC-SLP/L, CLEC
BDI Playhouse Children’s Therapy
600 N. Commons Drive Suite 102
Aurora, IL 60504
Tel: 708-478-1820
[email protected]
[email protected]

katherine smoronDr. Katherine Smoron, DC, RDH OMT

Dr. Katherine Smoron provides craniofacial chiropractic care and orofacial myofunctional therapy to the Mount Prospect and Northwest Chicago Suburban community.

In addition to Buteyko breathing methods, she has training with both the IAOM and AOMT in myofunctional therapy, Sacral Occipital Chiropractic Technique, CranioSacral Therapy and Acupuncture.  Her practice is focused on conditions affecting the head & neck.  The practice is integrated with an airway orthodontist and she works closely with area dentists, ENTs and sleep medicine specialists.

Chicago Craniofacial Pain & Rehabilitation
401 W Prospect Ave
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Web: www.chicagocranial.com
Phone: 847-255-2528
Email: [email protected]

buteykodvdA self help Buteyko Breathing course is available on DVD. The Buteyko DVD is the complete instruction as presented by Buteyko instructor and author Patrick McKeown. During the two hour DVD, Patrick instructs five adults and two children how to sucessfully apply the Buteyko Breathing Therapy.

The DVD Buteyko set includes 2 hour DVD, a detailed training book, CD and follow up support. The total cost of Buteyko DVD which includes shipping to anywhere in the USD or Canada is 50 US dollars. For further information including some free video segments is available from www.ButeykoDVD.com

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