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Dalanna Hanson – Wichita / Kansas

Dalanna Hanson graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Dental Hygiene from Wichita State University. During a very fulfilling career in dental hygiene, she began her training in myofunctional therapy and eventually went on to become a certified specialist in orofacial myology. Through the various courses taken through the AOMT, IAOM, AAPMD and Myofunctional Research Center, it became very apparent that nasal breathing is critical to success in her myofunctional therapy program.

She took her first of several courses with Patrick McKeown in 2014 and immediately implemented Buteyko breathing techniques into her therapy. With a passion for airway health, Dalanna finds breathing re-education to be a key component in improving her patients overall health. She has seen for herself the amazing affects that proper breathing has on her patients wellbeing and is so honored to be a part of improving asthma, allergies, sports performance as well as sleep for countless patients.

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Buteyko Kansas

My grandfather was a pioneer Chiropractor in Kansas, so I grew up understanding that our health care is best managed by working with the body’s own mechanisms and defenses – naturally. So, when diagnosed with bronchiectasis in 2000, I searched for an alternative to the standard pharmaceutical solutions and discovered the Buteyko Breathing Method. Through Buteyko, not only was the bronchiectasis quickly brought under control but (since incorporating Buteyko into my daily life) my overall health has significantly improved as well.

I believe that proper breathing is as important to good health as a nutritious diet and adequate exercise. Since we have some voluntary control over our breathing we can retrain it to be right for our body. Anyone can learn this natural, drug-free method – from a 4 year old to seniors in their 80s. Actually, most of us can benefit from better breathing which helps us to cope with the stresses of life. Breath retraining enables people to breathe better when sleeping, exercising, speaking, eating and performing all daily activities. Noticeable improvement can happen within the first couple of days – in fact, it can be life changing.

I am excited to follow in my grandfather’s pioneering footsteps to bring this very powerful breathing method to the Midwest – teaching people how to “breathe better for better health.”

Trained by Patrick McKeown & Carol Baglia in May 2011 in Holland, Michigan

Cynthia Davie

Buteyko Breathing Educator

Wichita, Kansas


Tida Huynh

Tida is a clinical assistant with over 10 years of experience in the dental field. Currently located in Wichita, KS at The TMJ & Sleep Therapy of Kansas. She began her journey in the Myofuctional world when she was diagnosed with a tongue tie. From there she was eager to learn about the Buteyko Breathing Method.

She enjoys teaching children and adults with sleep apnea to live a healthier life with proper breathing.

Tida holds certification in Buteyko Breathing Method from the Buteyko Clinic International.

Contact details:

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Kansas

Address: 4620 E. Douglas, Suite 102, Wichita, KS 67208
Phone: (316) 263-2444

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