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Learn with Patrick McKeown

  • Buteyko instructor trainer Patrick McKeown is one of very few people in the Western world to be accredited by the founder of the method, the late Professor Konstantin Buteyko.
  • In addition to working with thousands of clients and writing seven books on the method, Patrick has trained over 200 Buteyko instructors from 36 countries.
  • The practical training module is a crucially important element of instructor training. It focuses on observing and assisting Patrick McKeown as he teaches the Buteyko method to his clients. The focus for trainee instructors in this module is on learning by observation, not from lecturing. Following observations of Patrick in action with clients, the focus is on engaging in dialogue with Patrick about the trainees’ observations to help facilitate the development of core instructor skills. Patrick also provides trainees with feedback on their work with clients. Trainees are encouraged to view feedback as potentially useful information and to give and receive it in a spirit of learning and development.
  • Theoretical modules include identifying the relationship between chronic over-breathing and poor health, with an emphasis on asthma, sleep-disordered breathing, anxiety, craniofacial changes, and sports performance.
  • There are no prerequisites to become an instructor as complete training is provided.
  • Continuous follow-up support is provided by e-mail.
  • Once qualified, instructors will be entitled to use the designatory letters Cert BBM or Dip BBM.
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