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Ong Yi Woon


Dr. Ong Yi Woon received her Degree of Dental Surgery from Malaysia National University in 2007. She started her career pathway as a general dental practitioner in civil service for almost 4 years. After gaining priceless experience by serving the public, she indulged herself into private practice, mainly focusing on guiding craniofacial development and growth in growing patients, as well as treating orofacial myofunctional disorders and dental sleep medicine for both children and adults in her current practice.

She strongly believes that continuous dental education and postdoctoral training is the most important element in providing her patients comprehensive approach to oral health. As such, she obtained her Membership of Faculty of Dental Surgery, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in year 2011. In year 2012, she pursued her postdoctoral training and had her clinical tagging in dental sleep medicine in Pennsylvania, United States. She also started to provide orofacial myofunctional treatment for children in her daily dental practice since year 2013.

She was a trained Myobrace provider. She also was trained in orofacial myology and is currently an active member of International Association of Oral Myology. She had her training in oral reflexes integration too.

She was trained in functional breathing and Buteyko Breathing method by Patrick McKeown, President of Buteyko Professionals International.

She was trained in Orthotropics by Professor John Mew, to help her growing patients in guiding craniofacial development by using functional appliances. She was trained in Postural Orthodontics by Dr Simon Wong and Dr Sandra Khan too.

She was involved in part time clinical supervision for undergraduate in dental faculty of University Kebangsaan Malaysia since year 2014.

Now, she is an airway-centric dentist focusing on functional dentistry. She works in collaboration with medical and allied health professionals to provide wholistic treatment for her patients.

Practice: ST Tiew Dental Group, Malaysia

Web : tiewdental.com/

Dr. Loo Ping Ling


Dr loo Ping Ling is a Dental Sleep Medicine and Oral Myology Specialist. She graduated from Malaysia National University and attained her additional postgraduate qualifications from both Graduate School University (US) and Tufts University Boston (US). She is currently an active member of International Association of Oral Myology (IAOM) and an International Certificant of American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr Loo is also one of the very few dental surgeons who are proficient in providing myofunctional frenuloplasty. She received her training from the famous Dr Soroush Zaghi, an ENT specialist from The Breathe Institute (US) and also from Tongue Tie Institute (Australia).

Dr Loo founded Little GiGi Dental Group in 2013, a dental group which is known for its myofunctional treatment and children dentistry in Klang Valley. Dr Loo has been working closely with specialists from Australia, United State, China, Finland and Taiwan. With her tremendous experience, Little GiGi is awarded the first Myobrace Certified Provider in South East Asia and also the first LM Certified Provider in Malaysia.


Website : www.littlegigidental.com

Email : loopingling82@gmail.com

Phone – Work: +60364117985

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