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micha rogg e1588689105364Micha Rogg

Micha ha viajado por el mundo desde 1991 en busca de una cura para su condición asmática.  En la primavera de 2012 se encontró con el libro “sin asma, naturalmente”, puso en práctica el método Buteyko y finalmente pudo reducir la gravedad de su condición.  En abril de 2013, convencido de la eficacia del método Buteyko, fue a Irlanda y se formó con Patrick McKeown.  Micha vive en una de las islas del sur del golfo en Columbia Británica, Canadá, donde ahora enseña el método Buteyko a individuos y grupos.  También enseña a través de Skype, pero cree que la enseñanza en persona tendrá un impacto más profundo en el estudiante.  Micha ahora maneja su asma sin medicamentos y desea transmitir este maravilloso método a la mayor cantidad de personas posible. 

Teléfono: 1 250 920 7042,

ID de Skype: micha.rogg

Correo electrónico: [email protected] 

wintergreen wellington imgWintergreen – Mazatlan, Mexico

Wintergreen, at 74, began to seriously use Buteyko to improve her athletic breathing. In a blink of an eye, she became an instructor. She is a Naturopath with 45 years experience working with severe physical disabilities. She is also the Director for a New Zealand Charitable Trust, Common Knowledge, that houses Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation online courses … a skills-based approach to all births developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers with worked with Wintergreen from the early 1970s.

She spends part of the year in the Wellington area of New Zealand, the other time in Mexico. Her personal experience with Buteyko convinced her this method must be shared far and wide. She believes all of us need skills rather than go to a instructor to be fixed. Buteyko breathing reminds our body that once we breathed in and out our nose in a calm and relaxed manner. It may take patience and frequent reminders to change the learned bad breathing habits but the journey is well worth it with huge, positive results.”

Email: [email protected]

Prol Aquiles Serdan 230
Playas del Sur
82040 Mazatlan, SIN

Tele: 52-322-109-7814

Sahand MokhberiSahand Mokhberi – Mexico City, Mexico

My name is Sahand, and I’m a Buteyko Breathing Coach, Fascia & Movement therapist, a health nerd, lover of languages, and your accomplice to living an empowered, pain-free life.

I offer personalised Buteyko sessions to correct breathing disorders, improve posture, relieve chronic pain, and empower you to live Calm, Pain-free, and Liberated.

I know what it feels like to be constantly stressed, fatigued, and in pain. Days become slower. Your mental health implodes, and your relationships suffer. It’s debilitating and affects your breathing, sleep, and the quality of your life and the people you love the most.

My journey to healing my pain and anxiety didn’t come easily. I spent years suffering and complaining and masking the pain. It wasn’t until I decided to take 100% responsibility for my health that I started to notice dramatic health changes and found Buteyko Breathing which has been a pivotal part of this journey.

I help people from all walks of life; however, I am interested in working with teenagers and adults to overcome Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep disorders, including Snoring, Sleep Apnea, and Insomnia.

It would be my honour to help you in your journey!

I am moving to Mexico in August and will be offering session via Zoom.

Clients can reach me on:

Instagram : bodyworkbysahand/
Email : [email protected]
WhatsApp : +52 9984764937

Clara EvansClara Evans – Veracruz, Mexico

M.A. in Education



My name is Clara and I love breathing.

I love to help others breathe better so much that it takes my breath away.  And, as a Buteyko Certified Instructor, it is my passion to ease the discomfort of folks of any age and any walk of life from problems such as anxiety, snoring, panic attacks and a host of sleep disorders.

How, you say?  Let’s get Breathing!

As a natural lifelong educator/director/administrator, both here and abroad, I have seen it all.  Breathing problems affect learning and overall well-being.

I can be found breathing it in sea level Los Angeles and breathing it in high altitude 7k Santa Fe, NM and in Mexico too.

Let’s breathe together.


Clara Evans

Hablo Español

E-mail   [email protected]

M.A. en Educación


Me llamo Clara y me fascina respirar.

¡Me encanta tanto ayudar a otros a respirar mejor que me deja sin aliento! Y, como instructora certificada en Buteyko, es mi pasión ayudar a personas de cualquier edad a mejorar problemas como la ansiedad, ronquidos, ataques de pánico y un gran número de trastornos del sueño.

¿Cómo? Tal vez preguntes. ¡Pues, empecemos a respirar!

He sido educadora, directora y administradora de escuelas aquí y en el extranjero, y he visto mucho. Los problemas respiratorios afectan el aprendizaje y el bienestar en general.

Me puedes encontrar respirando al nivel del mar en Los Ángeles y respirando en alta altitud a siete mil pies en Santa Fe, NM y también en México.

¡Así que vamos a respirar juntos!


Clara Evans
[email protected]

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