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Buteyko Breathing Clinic
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Buteyko Mexico Practitioner

Buteyko Breathing Teacher

Michael Rogg at Buteyko Mexico clinic is a passionate Thai masseur, meditator and yoga teacher. He has traveled the world since 1991 in search of a cure for his asthmatic condition. Yoga and meditation greatly improved his health but when in the spring of 2012 he came across “asthma free – naturally” and put the Buteyko method into practice he was finally able to reverse his life-long asthmatic condition. In April 2013, convinced of the efficacy of the Buteyko method, he traveled to Ireland and trained with Patrick Mc Keown. Micha lives on one of the southern gulf islands in BC, Canada where he now teaches the Buteyko method to individuals and groups. He also started to teach the Buteyko method in Mexico where he travels during the winter months.

Phone: 1 250 538 8437 or 1 250 629 6153
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