Robin Kashuba – Hutchinson

Robin Kashuba, BS, NHD. Robin has had exercise-induced asthma since childhood. She moved back to Minnesota from Arizona in 2007 and found her asthma symptoms increasing. She discovered the Buteyko method through an internet search and attempted to train herself using a book. But she only learned the correct way to perform the exercises through Patrick McKeown’s training. She has been medication free since adopting the Buteyko Breathing techniques and no longer fights sleep apnea. Robin is not only a certified Buteyko instructor, but she also consults with clients on many natural health issues such as diet, exercise, and stress management. She is also a certified instructor of Quantum Touch energy healing.

Elizabeth Williams – Minneapolis

Elizabeth (Beth) Williams is an artist, a movement educator, and passionate about solving problems by finding their essential elements.

After getting her degree in Economics and Studio Art, Beth spent the early 1990’s taking a deep dive into the martial arts, getting her black belt, and ultimately owning a Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do studio. Since then, she has worked with thousands of clients in a wide variety of movement modalities. Her focus is always on helping people feel GOOD in their bodies.

Beth was introduced to the Buteyko Method as a way to manage her asthma, and immediately saw its potential to help her clients ease chronic symptoms with simple techniques.

Beth is intentional about creating a calm, kind, and non-judgmental atmosphere in her one-on-one and group classes. Her favorite clients are committed to improving how they feel in their bodies, and are open to collaborating – combining their understanding of their own bodies and experiences with her expertise – to find solutions with lifelong benefits.

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