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Courtney Mattingly – NashuaCourtney Mattingly – Nashua

Courtney is a Myofunctional Therapist and a Biological Dental Hygienist located in New Hampshire. Her journey through airway dentistry led her to Buteyko Breathing. Courtney has a great appreciation for holistic health and she tries to combine her knowledge of Buteyko Breathing and herbalism to help her clients in their journey of becoming their healthiest self. In addition to helping her clients with breathing retraining, Courtney helps her clients work on facial muscle retraining through her online myofunctional therapy practice. Chronic mouth breathers can actually change their airways and Courtney works with those 4 years of age and above to work on improving their airways. Courtney specializes in working with individuals with TMJ disorders, UARS and Sleep Apnea. Courtney is an avid runner and hiker and she will admit before she knew better she was a mouth breather during exercise. After going through her own personal journey she now enjoys helping individuals through their journey of learning to breathe through their nose during exercise and even has started a running club for aspiring nasal breathers! She is fluent in both English and Portuguese.

Website: https://granitestatemyo.com/
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/granitestatemyo/

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