Buteyko Breathing Instructors – Nigeria

shola olawuyi imgShola Olawuyi is a Nigerian born and based humanitarian and entrepreneur. In the past few years, he has served under WHO as a voluntary participant in various rounds of polio Immunization exercises. He also participates in the raising and distribution of relief materials at IDP (internally displaced persons) camps and orphanages.

He is a graduate of Biochemistry from Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, and a Chattered Project Manager, CPM Institute, Nigeria, 2015. He is an actor, a playwright, a singer, a song writer and an author.

Born into a family of Asthmatics and having lost his older brother in 2006 to the “disease”, he embarks on a tireless search for a permanent cure. His search came to a fruitful end in 2014 when he meets a God sent; Patrick Mckeown online. He has since then reversed his asthma and has also trained to be a Buteyko trainer. His is now a proud Buteyko ambassador, helping others to reverse their asthma. He believes that his happiest moments are the moments when he makes others happy.

Phone: 2348036005938 | 2348074007448
Email: [email protected]

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