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RittenhouseGreg Rittenhouse (Ohio)

Greg Rittenhouse is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and certified Buteyko Breathing Educator, with more than 23 years experience in cardiopulmonary education, critical care, and hyperbaric medicine in the Cincinnati / Dayton area of Ohio. Having treated hundreds of patients with pulmonary disease, Greg became dissatisfied after seeing patients return to the hospital time and time again, suffering from their disease, and receiving only temporary relief from their medications.

Determined to seek better, and lasting ways of treatment, Greg discovered the work of Dr Konstantin Buteyko, and later observed Buteyko instructor Carol Baglia work with clients in the Cleveland area. After having observed first hand the stellar results of the Buteyko method, Greg received training with Patrick McKeown in Chicago.Greg now satisfactorily works with clients in the Cincinnati / Dayton area of Ohio, offering breathing re-training, and coaching in relaxation techniques, and lifestyle change. Greg is also available to share with groups, information about the many benefits of breathing re-training to overcome dysfunctional breathing, its ill affects on health.

Greg works with clients at his home office, or via Zoom.

For more information, email Greg at [email protected], visit his website at https://www.reducebreathing.com/, or call 937-572-5909.

2carolButeyko USA (Leesburg, Florida. Manchester, New Hampshire, Cleveland, Ohio)

Carol Baglia has always been health conscious with eating right and exercising so she was surprised when she developed asthma in her forties. She tried several different natural healing methods but the only thing that worked for her to eliminate the asthma symptoms was the Buteyko Breathing Method. Carol was so impressed with what she experienced and witnessed at a Buteyko workshop that she changed business careers and decided to share this life changing knowledge with others. Carol is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and founded Correct Breathing Concepts in 2003. She has been instructing Buteyko full time ever since. Carol was certified by Jennifer Stark with the BIBH and has gone for advanced training in Europe in 2006 and with Patrick McKeown in 2009. She works out of several different wellness centers locally and travels to many locations throughout the USA. Carol is passionate about helping others restore normal healthy breathing in their body all the time.

3KimberlyKimberly Cipriani (Leesburg, Florida. Manchester, New Hampshire, Cleveland, Ohio)


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