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Buteyko Portugal

Joana Gomes – Portugal

Pediatric dentist specialist, recognized by the Portuguese Dentists’ College.

Post graduate in Baby Dentistry, from Londrina’s State University (Brazil)

Member of IATP (International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals)

Specialization in Orthodontic segmented arch technique and a master in orthodontic biomechanics.

Specialization in craniofacial development and Functional Jaw Orthopedics.

Neuro-occlusal rehabilitation (Planas Course)

Orofacial Motricity and Orofacial Myology courses.

As an Orthodontist, Dr. Joana Gomes began to realize that function is much more important than moving teeth to the right place. In her view, it’s important to know the cause of malloclusions, in order to achieve a completely successful treatment. Breathing issues are one of the main causes that lead to dental disharmonies. Expanding in that knowledge, Dr. Joana has actively been taking sleep medicine and breathing courses, so she can better help her orthodontic patients.

With a Buteyko breathing technique diploma studying under Patrick McKeown, Dr. Joana daily helps her mouth breathing patients, changing their breathing patterns, thus achieving better results than with a single approach.

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