Patrick McKeownPatrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the Buteyko clinic of Moscow. He first applied the Buteyko Method to help with his own chronic asthma. After successfully reversing his condition, he decided to train to become an instructor so that he could help others. He was accredited by Professor Buteyko in 2002 and has worked full time teaching thousands of patients throughout Europe and North America at his renowned Asthma Care clinics www.asthmacare.ie In 2005, Patrick was accredited as an instructor trainer. He has since taught Buteyko instructors from USA, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, Hungary, UK, Finland, Greece, Portugal, India, Holland, Denmark, Italy etc. He has written five best selling books detailing the Buteyko Method for a number of conditions. His book Asthma free naturally is published in the USA by Conari Press.

Buteyko instructor training in Canada and USA

chrisbaumanChristine Bauman

Chris began teaching in New Zealand and Japan, followed by Australia and Canada. Currently she teaches primarily in Canada, giving workshops, free talks and 5-session courses. In partnership with Jennifer Stark, she co-ordinates and teaches the Buteyko instructor training in Canada. In 2004, Chris staffed the first North American medical research trial on Buteyko at Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta . She has a Masters of Teaching degree, an undergraduate background in sciences and is certified in CPR and First Aid.

Buteyko instructor training in UK

lindameads 1Linda Meads

Linda Meads and Patrick McKeown teach the Buteyko method to both patients and instructors in the UK. Her clinic, www.buteyko.co.uk is the oldest centre to provide the Buteyko Method in the UK. Linda qualified in 2001 and has successfully taught hundreds of patients since that time. A once chronic asthmatic who became interested in Buteyko to help with her own condition.

Buteyko instructor training in Holland

dickkuiperDick Kuiper

Dick Kuiper was diagnosed with asthma in 1996. He was told about the Buteyko Method by a friend and applied it to help with his asthma. His first response was one of surprise when he realised how effective the method was. With a background as a University lecturer, the method appealed to Dick as it focuses on the entire body instead of viewing the body as a collection of fragmented parts. He trained with the BIBH and has worked In Holland as a Buteyko instructor since 2000. He founded the Buteyko Academie (www.buteykoacademie.nl) which organizes Buteyko Instructor training in Holland.

Authorisation to Patrick McKeown from Dr Konstantin Buteyko


Authorisation to train Buteyko instructors from Luidmilla Buteyko

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