Always Breathe Correctly


The complete self-help manual to unblock the nose, stop mouth breathing, control asthma, improve concentration, and develop a perfect face with straight teeth.

It is well documented that infants and children who breathe through their mouths are likely to develop longer and narrower facial features, which will consequently contribute to crooked teeth. Mouth breathing also has a significant impact on the mental and physical health of children, including restriction of the lower airways, poor quality of sleep, reduced cognitive functioning and a lower quality of life.

Full colour story book with Argo the Whispering Wizard teaching children:


  • How to decongest their nose by holding their breath.
  • The importance of nose breathing for good health and childhood development, improved concentration and sports performance.
  • Correct resting tongue posture for normal development of the face and jaws.
  • Optimal breathing patterns.
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