One to One Buteyko Consultations by Skype

Personal Buteyko Tuition by Skype with trained Buteyko Practitioner Ana Mahe.

Accessible from anywhere in the world including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Cost: $250

What is included?

  • Four 45-minute (160 minutes total) private Skype consultations with Ana Mahe (BA, MA, FBPI), trained practitioner with Patrick McKeown of Buteyko Clinic International
  • Access to the complete 2-hr online digital Buteyko Clinic course in advance of the practical skype sessions
  • Close Your Mouth (E book download)
  • Tailored advice to maximise your progress

What is taught?

During each consultation, you will be provided with tailored instruction of how to apply the complete Buteyko program to achieve maximum results in the minimum amount of time. You will learn and practice each of the Buteyko exercises for your particular condition(s) / symptom(s), with weekly follow ups and further coaching by Skype.

How to get started

  • Make payment through PayPal by clicking button above
  • Receive immediate download of E book Close Your Mouth
  • Receive online access to Buteyko Clinic DVD course
  • Within one working day, you will be contacted by email to arrange date and time for first consultation
  • If you have any questions before signing up please contact Ana at ana@buteykoclinic.com


“Dear Ana, I just want to thank you again for your fantastic coaching. I really appreciate you working with me and teaching me at my level, not to mention adapting to my overly-analytical learning style. Your instruction was clear and effective so I could easily grasp the concepts and integrate them. The difference in how I feel is night and day – in all aspects of my life.

I’ll let you know how I progress and will be in touch regarding the refresher. Thanks again!”

Ed Baran – WA, USA


“Hi, Ana! Yesterday I really thought I had made little progress in the last two weeks, but something must have happened right before we had our online chat and maybe after that too, because my CP is now measuring higher than one week ago. This morning while lying in bed, I enjoyed my breathing because I was breathing with a longer pause between each breath. I feel so happy today! Thanks so much for your good advice Ana!”

Tom Evenson – Norway


Thank you Ana, I really appreciate the time you’ve spent sorting my program for the week and your support.”

Jo Hainsworth – New Zealand