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Buteyko Breathing Instructors Slovenia

Teja Logar

Teja Logar is a back-to-nature person, believing strongly in the laws of nature. She also believes that anyone can learn how to live a better life no matter the age or damage already caused. In her work with clients, she combines different certified methods and approaches: clinical somatics (AEQ method), DNS and different massage/therapeutic techniques. Since 2018, she is also the first licenced Buteyko Method instructor in Slovenia. She enriches and further develops this methods using her other experience, skills and knowledge such as importance of proper diet, sleeping habbits, life-work ballance etc. to offer her clients a holistic treatment approach, based on their needs and problems.

Teja’s formal education in geography opened her up to a life of constant search and inclination to always dig deeper. When living an adrenalin-filled life of an extreme sportsperson all through her 20s, she discovered first-hand the limitations of human body when driven only by a restless, ego-driven mind. A series of severe injuries forced her not just to slow down, but to find a new meaning and balance in her life – the one where body and mind work together in harmony towards a common goal: living a fulfilled, joyful, awakened life. On her quest, she stumbled across many blank spots in her knowledge and understanding … and also ways to fill them. One thing she discovered through her work with clients was the role of breathing – how very important it is for overall health and wellbeing and how very underestimated it was. Buteyko Method offered answers to her questions. It allowed her to widen her practice as a teacher of breathing technique – both on its own or as a part of her other programs and therapies aimed at empowering people to live to their fullest potential.

Tel: +386 40 453 004


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