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Atem Praxis

Brigitte Ruff
Atemtherapie – Atemschulung

Brigitte Ruff
Breathing therapist and Buteyko practitioner. Since 1989 Brigitte has been practising breathing therapy after Prof. I. Middendorf “The Perceptible Breath” (that means absolving a 2,5 years full time training in breathwork with I. Middendorf herself). Brigitte was an instructor in the schools of Breathwork in Switzerland for 11 years.
2004 she additionally did the Buteyko Training in Great Britain with James Oliver and Janet Brindley.
2010 she trained as a coach in “The Work” with Byron Katie – that means identifying your beliefs and realizing how your thoughts and feelings immediately affect the way you breathe.
She has profound experience with anxiety and panic disorders.
She is one of the founders and head of the Buteyko Association in Switzerland –
Since 2010 I am conducting trainings for people to be Buteyko Practitioners. And 2019 we are starting a training “Buteyko and Sports” with the Sports Center fit4life,
I am teaching and accompaning clients in groups or individually as well as online via Skype.

Tel: +41 79 330 16 54
Skype ID: brigitte.ruff3

The Buteyko Breathing Association was founded 2011 and is growing steadily. The Association controls the training of practitioners. It stands for assuring the qualitiy of the Buteyko Method. It offers information, promotes public relations and attends conferences in Switzerland.