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Brigitte Ruff
Atemtherapie – Atemschulung

Brigitte Ruff
Breathing therapist and Buteyko instructor. Since 1989 Brigitte has been practising breathing therapy after Prof. I. Middendorf “The Perceptible Breath” (that means absolving a 2,5 years full time training in breathwork with I. Middendorf herself). Brigitte was an instructor in the schools of Breathwork in Switzerland for 11 years.
2004 she additionally did the Buteyko Training in Great Britain with James Oliver and Janet Brindley.
2010 she trained as a coach in “The Work” with Byron Katie – that means identifying your beliefs and realizing how your thoughts and feelings immediately affect the way you breathe.
She has profound experience with anxiety and panic disorders.
She is one of the founders and head of the Buteyko Association in Switzerland – www.buteyko-schweiz.ch.
Since 2010 I am conducting trainings for people to be Buteyko Instructors. And 2019 we are starting a training “Buteyko and Sports” with the Sports Center fit4life, www.fit4life.ch
I am teaching and accompaning clients in groups or individually as well as online via Skype.

Tel: +41 79 330 16 54
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.atem-praxis.ch
Skype ID: brigitte.ruff3

Ursina Friedli

Atemtherapie – Atemschulung
Bern, Switzerland

She is a certified breathing therapist after Prof. I. Middendorf «The Perceptible Breath» since 1989. In 2004 she was certificated by James Oliver and Janet Brindley, London, as a Buteyko instructor.

In 2010 she trained as a coach for «The Work» with Byron Katie to help people to recognise and release from stress provoking thoughts which always affect the way of breathing.

In 2011 she founded together with four colleagues The Buteyko Association Switzerland – www.buteyko-schweiz.ch. with the aim to promote the method, to support the members, to maintain the quality and to integrate results from new researches.

Since 2011 she is training complementary therapists to be Buteyko Instructors.

Since 1989 she has been working in her own office and additonally in a health center for 20 years.
She applies Buteyko to support her clients suffering from asthma and chronic hyperventilation (with the concerned symptoms) by learning to breathe better and less.

I offer individual and group sessions

Tel No-1: +41 31 332 62 40
Tel No-2: +41 76 476 54 14
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.atem-gesundheit.ch

Dóra Kocsis – St Moritz, Graubünden

You can find me every winter in St Moritz, Graubünden, where I work with recreational athletes, elderly and children.

I give group classes, personal training, and offer movement – and manual therapy to help my clients improve their quality of life.

– As a Buteyko Clinic Instructor I can teach you how to normalize your breathing and quality of your sleep for better sport performance, to treat asthma or allergies and to support your immune system.

– I use Structural Myofascial Treatment to help you get rid of pain and postural problems, to recover faster.

– With the methods of the following Schools: The Barefoot Training Program, StickMobility, MovNat, Animal Flow, and some useful tools like: SMR, TRX, ViPR I can help you to learn the fundamental human movements and build a functional training program to make/keep your body strong, useful and resilient.

All of these are based on my MSc Sport Science Degree.

You can get in touch with me trough:

Phone: +41 78 634 14 55
Email: [email protected]
Website: therapyinmotion.ch

Ulrike Fischer – Winterthur, Switzerland

MA social science, Dipl. Atemtherapie und – Pädagogik nach Middendorf.

Advanced relaxation techniques, stress and pain control advisor, pulmonary and heart diseases.

She is working as therapist in complementary medicine in Switzerland.

She works with people who have COPD, Asthma, Fibrose, chronic pain, panic desorders, allergies.

She specialized on curing breathe since 2015. Working in a hospital for rehabilitation from joints-surgery, work on breathing and it’s effect to pain.

Phone: 052 525 94 60
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.atemtherapeutische-praxis.ch

Arthur Taniyelyan – St-Blaise, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Bienvenue à vous, je suis formateur d’adulte certifié FSEA, Instructeur expert de la Méthode Wim Hof, Instructeur Emotion Code du dr Nelson Bradley, instructeur Oxygen Advantage, instructeur Breatheology.

Je travaille sur toute la Suisse et la France si naturellement on a besoin de moi. Etant ancien directeur commercial, mon approche est à la fois d’aider les personnes à aller mieux tant en entreprise en tant que formateur commercial ou pour apprendre à bien gérer le stress aussi en privé. aussi et mon but est d’aider les petits comme les grands.

Je me forme uniquement que sur ce qui marche et je teste sur moi, ensuite mes deux enfants.

Je peux vous aider à lâcher vraiment prise. Pas de bla bla, que de la pratique. Mieux dormir, mieux respirer être plus performant, en résumé à être une meilleure version de vous-même, dans la douceur et l’accompagnement.

I speak English, ich rede Deutsch, je parle français!

Vous pouvez me retrouver ici:
Phone: 0041 76 742 29 12
Email: [email protected]
Website: coldcontrol.ch

Trissa Hold – Pfäffikon, Switzerland

My name is Trissa.

From childhood I had the gift of flexibility and movement. I enjoyed Gymnastics and Dance for many years. I was a competitive Swimmer. It was natural for me,to one day choose my profession in this area of ” Health & Movement” which is for many years the name of my business. “Gesundheit & Bewegung” in Switzerland.

The Buteyko Method is the perfect addition to my teachings in this field of Health for Body-Mind-Soul, and the overall wellbeing, to live our lives at each ones personal best.

My Journey – Health&Movement:

  • 1992 – Fitness Instructor
    Swiss Academy of Fitness
  • 1995 – MindBody Trainer
    Swiss Academy Fitness&Health
  • 1999 – Pelvic Floor & Birthcare
    Erich Franklin Institute
  • 2001 – Cantienica Instructor©
    Benita Cantieni
  • 2010 – Health&Mind Mentor
    Swiss Prävensana Academy
  • 2015 – License EMS miha Bodytec Sportphilosophy
    Sport Nutrition Anatomie
  • 2017 – BGB
  • 2021 – Buteyko Instructor
    Buteyko Clinic International

Active member of the Swiss Health&Movement Association BGB

My classes offer:

  • Personal training
  • Small group sessions
  • Workshops
  • Children classes

Adult training includes:

  • Posture Analysis&Dynamic.
  • Spine care
  • Core Strength& Pelvic
  • Healthy Breathing – Buteyko method
  • Stretching
  • Mind-Balance
  • Awareness

Children’s classes include:

  • Good Posture
  • Buteyko training
  • Motivation

You can find further details on:

Website: www.trissa-hold.ch
8808, Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland
Email: [email protected]

Tom van der Meij – Valais, Switzerland

I came across the Buteyko Method when searching for answers to help my oldest son, who had his tonsils removed after we noticed obstructive sleep apnoea. The medical intervention of course helped, but it did not address the root cause. My child was still snoring after the operation and had other symptoms that now make sense due to my increased knowledge of breathing mechanics and dysfunctional breathing.

As a functional trainer and with knowledge in physical rehabilitation, I now combine these skills with breathing techniques to help kids and adults get a better quality of life.

Typically, my clients are parents and their children who are experiencing difficulties in everyday life due to asthma, sleep apnoea, hyperactivity, anxiety, or other breath related symptoms.

Their biggest problem is not knowing how to address and reduce symptoms, which are often created by dysfunctional breathing patterns, and can have a big impact on the overall health of the family.

Through the benefits of breathing methods and a holistic approach, I help them create a better foundation to achieve sustainable results.

Languages : Dutch, English, French, German

Phone : +41 79 813 96 35
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.tomvandermeij.com

Rolf Duda – Thun, Switzerland

Ich bin Rolf Duda, Atemcoach, Biohacker und Trainer der Buteyko Methode.

Als Sportler, Unternehmer und Abenteurer stelle ich hohe Ansprüche an mich selbst. Um diesen Ansprüchen gerecht zu werden, verfolge ich das Ziel, immer die beste Version meiner Selbst zu sein. Dabei geht es mir nicht um Maximierung und auch nicht um immer mehr und immer besser. Ich möchte einfach Zugriff auf eben das Potential, das mir in meiner momentanen Lebensphase zur Verfügung steht.

Durch viele Weiterbildungen, ständiges Lernen und die Bereitschaft zu unzähligen Selbstexperimenten komme ich meinem Ziel kontinuierlich näher. Seit 2016 vermittle ich dieses Wissen auch anderen Menschen und helfe jedem sein wahres Potential zu entfalten.
Hierbei ist die Funktionsweise unseres autonomen Nervensystems (ANS) das für mich entscheidende Puzzleteil. Verstehen wir, wie und warum unser Körper auf bestimmte Reize reagiert, können wir genau dort ansetzen. Unsere Atmung verdient dabei besondere Aufmerksamkeit, denn sie ist der Schlüssel zu unserem ANS. Durch eine bewusste Atmung können wir in jeder Situation regulierend in den Prozess eingreifen, diesen unterstützen oder auch in eine andere Richtung lenken. Wir können unsere Stimmung verändern, unseren Blutkreislauf beschleunigen oder verlangsamen und nach Belieben auf verschiedene Mentalebenen zugreifen.

Eine Kombination aus Kältetraining und bewusster Atmung hat sich dabei für mich als «die» Wunderwaffe herauskristallisiert. Beides sind potente Werkzeuge, die mir helfen, einen direkten Zugang zu meinem inneren Selbst zu finden und in einen Dialog mit mir zu treten.

Welche Resultate können wir gemeinsam erreichen?

  • Höheres Wohlbefinden über den gesamten Tag,
  • Mehr Performance im Sport und bei der Arbeit
  • Besseren Schlaf
  • Weniger Stress

Gerne nehme ich auch Dich auf diese spannende Reise mit. In meinen Kanälen und Kursen biete ich jedem Interessierten die Möglichkeit, mich und meine Arbeit persönlich kennenzulernen. Die Onlinekurse sind kostenlos und finden in regelmässigen Abständen statt. Fülle hierzu einfach das Kontaktformular auf meiner Seite aus und du bekommst einen Zugangslink zu der Informationsveranstaltung. Ich freue mich auf dich!

Mein Kontakt

Telefon : +41 79 347 3166
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.peakwolf.ch

Angela Tuckley – Zürich, Switzerland

Have been working as an Alexander Technique teacher since 1995.

Completed 3-year Reichian body work training.

Live and work near Zürich, Switzerland. Native English speaker and speak fluent German.

Love working with adults and children!

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0041 76 36 46 847


The Buteyko Breathing Association was founded 2011 and is growing steadily. The Association controls the training of instructors. It stands for assuring the qualitiy of the Buteyko Method. It offers information, promotes public relations and attends conferences in Switzerland.

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