Joel Jelen

BA (Hons) Health Econ, FBPI

4Joel Jelen

Joel is a Member of the BPI Executive Board. He also has the role of Public Relations Advisor. Joel is Head of Agency at Ubiquity PR & The Enrich List which he founded in 2001 and 2011 respectively. Based in Liverpool, UK, both companies enjoy regular interface with national and international media in print, online and broadcast with the latter acting on behalf of health & wellness clients. Both have delivered extensive PR training including social media strategy and delivery to corporate, SME businesses and community organisations.

Their relevant client pedigree includes for example TechoGym, Liverpool Health Partners and All Together Now.

Joel was also the founder of Reset Breathing and is a pupil (since 1995) of Dr Len McEwan, one of the founding fathers of CHS research & treatment. Joel also completed training in the Buteyko Method with Patrick McKeown. Reset Breathing has delivered workshops to community organisations in Liverpool including Recovery Rises & Genie in the Gutter, one to one consults with private clients and is delivering a series of workshops for corporate entities & SMEs in 2016.

Prior to his PR career, Joel enjoyed success as a regional media freelance writer covering health & lifestyle news and features and also undertook media training at the Daily Mirror in London. At Newcastle University, Joel studied Health Economics producing a highly commended dissertation in 1991 on the Economics of Food Production, a subject enjoying lots of headlines in 2016.One of his main ambitions now is to use more than 25 years of media experience to help bring the Buteyko Breathing Method and Buteyko Professionals International the recognition they deserve via the students, members, fellows and general public that it serves.




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