Buteyko Breathing Instructors Texas

Dr. Mandana MilaniDr. Mandana Milani – McKinney, Texas

Dr.Milani received her dental degree from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston. She is a lifelong learner and she takes 100 hour of continuous education courses every year. A few of her clinical interests include Airway Health focused Dentistry. Early Orthodontic treatment in young patients, Snoring solutions for adult and children.
Dr.Milani enjoys working with children and adult all ages. She is committed to provide comprehensive dental services to the entire family in a warm and comfortable environment,
Dr.Milani considers every interaction with patient an opportunity to educate them on oral health and its connection to their overall wellbeing.
Dr.Milani is a member of the following organization
• American Academy of General Dentistry
• American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
• American Laser Study Club
• Academy of Laser Dnetistry
• International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals
• ALF Interface Academy

Dr.Milani is a provider of Myomunchee, Myobrace and the healthy start treatment.

8994 Tour Drive suite #220
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.DreamFamilyDental.com

Yu Ting Wang, DDS FAGD – Frisco, Texas

Dr. Wang is a general dentist and owner of Molar Bear Family Dental in Frisco, TX. She focuses on general dentistry with whole body approach, dental sleep medicine, functional orthodontics and myofunctional guidance. Her goals are helping everyone breathe better, sleep better and smile bigger.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 469.252.0522
Website: www.MolarBearDental.com

Buteyko South Texas

Laurie has over 20 years’ experience as a dental hygienist. For years she observed the effects of the tongue on the teeth, and the increase of patients needing orthodontics. The observation was personal as her own son had a tongue thrust which was addressed at an early age with an orthodontic appliance. Unfortunately the appliance was doomed to fail as she later learned her son is a mouth breather, and was propping his mouth open in his sleep with his tongue.

Surgery to correct his jaw and open bite was the only solution offered by the specialists. Laurie then learned of the Buteyko Breathing method, and Myofunctional therapy, both of which work together to open the airway and stop the tongue thrust. Laurie has taken the course with Patrick McKeown to treat breathing disorders, and Orofacial Myology courses to correct the swallow.

Laurie is located in the South Texas region, located near Corpus Christi Texas. Prospective clients as far as Laredo Texas are in her area. Contact her at 361-236-4191 or for more information.

Buteyko Fort Worth Texas

Brandon suffered from regular sever asthma attacks from the age of two until the age of twenty seven. Over his lifetime he tried many traditional and alternative treatments to control his asthma with little to no success. In 1999 while preparing for a Summer Semester at Moscow State University he discovered BBT on the internet and ordered a vhs tape and training manual, as there were no Buteyko Practiconeers in his home state at that time. Over the course of a single year he was able to go from using 15-25 puffs of Ventolin & 2 puffs of steroids daily, to no medication at all. It took some work and dedication to be sure, but to date Brandon has not required any asthma medication in over five years. In 2008 he was certified by Patrick McKeown to teach this wonderful method. In 2009 Brandon launched AsthmaCoach.com, a site dedicated to spreading the BBT method to asthmatics across the globe.
Website: AsthmaCoach.com
Email: [email protected]

Buteyko Austin

Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle

Wendy is accredited as a Buteyko Breathing Specialist through the Buteyko Clinic, founded by Professor Konstantin Buteyko. With her 35 year background in holistic health, and body arts and sciences (yoga, Pilates and somatic movement**), she is uniquely qualified to teach the Buteyko Breathwork.
The practice of breath awareness is a fundamental cornerstone of her work in each of these modalities. As a long-time breath awareness teacher, Wendy understands the nuances of breathing patterns, and can guide clients in releasing old (negative) habits and creating healthy habits for self-healing and personal growth.
Wendy’s holistic perspective inspires students and teachers alike to think “outside the box” and to reach deeply into the heart of their personal practice, looking not for answers, but for the kinds of questions that will generate a true breakthrough in a deeper “conversation with the intelligence of the bodymind”.
**Wendy is an advanced yoga teacher, with certifications as a second generation Pilates “teacher of teachers”, a Structural Integration Instructor (bodywork of Ida Rolf), and a Kushi Institute Macrobiotic teacher. As a movement teacher, Wendy created the unique CoreConnections® Pilates 3-Core Bodymapping Perspective, based on the universal principles that are the foundation of all great bodymind movement systems.

Address: 8229 Shoal Creek Boulevard #104, Austin, Texas 78757
Phone: (512)-467-8009
Pilates Center of Austin
Email:[email protected]

Buteyko Houston

Robyn Zuer

Having been diagnosed with asthma at the age of 3 years old, Robyn understands both the burden and the life altering experience of living with chronic disease. Despite the great medical care she received, Robyn continued to experience rapidly declining health even while on the highest dose of multiple medications. This, in turn, motivated her to search out more successful treatments. Robyn was able to completely reverse the condition she had been living with for 27 years using Buteyko Breathing Therapy. She went on to become a Certified Buteyko Educator (CBE) by The Buteyko Clinic of Ireland. She continued her training at The Better Physiology Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she learned to incorporate the CapnoTrainer into her practice. She then traveled to Sydney, Australia where she received an additional diploma from the Australasian division of Better Physiology. Robyn is a member of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association (BBEA). She resides in Houston, TX with her husband and two sons.

Robyn Zuer
Houston, TX
Phone: 623-330-0839
Website: Respiratory Wellness Centers, LLC
Email: [email protected]

Buteyko Keller, Texas

Dr. Tamara Gray

Dr. Gray is General Dentist in Keller where she focuses on general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and Orthotropics. She practices and promotes the program of breathing exercises and posture, health and lifestyle guidelines to support a functional breathing. Her thorough care and compassion for her patients allowed her practice to quickly grow into the esteemed Keller, TX practice it is today. Dr. Gray is married, has two children, Connor and Camden, and two step children, Jake and Nathan, with her husband, David.

Buteyko Denton, Texas

Colleen Watson is an Oral Health Coach and an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist with over 35 years in the dental field. While searching for assistance to benefit her mouth-breathing patients and numerous allergy , asthma patients, Colleen discovered the Buteyko breathing method. Many of her orofacial myofunctional patients have enlarged tonsils and untreated allergies along with sleep disturbances. Colleen knew that correct nasal breathing with lips closed posture and eliminating the open mouth posture would enable her patients to be more successful with their myofunctional therapy and encourage correct cranio-facial development. Colleen is incorporating the Buteyko breathing training with her myofunctional therapy and would like to help other clients in discovering the benefits of correct nasal breathing. She plans to begin a separate practice as a Buteyko instructor this year. Your Mouth is Not Your Nose! She practices in Denton, Texas and is available for a consultation at 214.632.8803 please email her at knowyour[email protected] and put Buteyko in the subject matter.

Buteyko Keller, Texas

Beth Maddux qualified in the Buteyko Method in order to assist patients achieve normal facial growth and to further help her patients that suffer with asthma and sleep apnea. Beth is also approaching correct breathing from a personal standpoint as she has a 2 year old little girl who breathes through her mouth and a 8 year old little boy who loves sports. Beth is busy with her kids on her days off, when she is not helping her patients at work. She is really excited to see the benefits of the buteyko method on her patients and family!

Bryn Jimenez Soprano – Houston, Texas

Wagnerian soprano and voice teacher Bryn Jimenez began practicing Buteyko Breathing Method after accidentally discovering that her asthma was not only undermanaged, but was negatively impacting her voice. As she learned more about chronic hyperventilation, she realized many of her students would also benefit from training that emphasized reduced-volume breathing.

In addition to offering dedicated sessions in Buteyko Breathing Method, Bryn offers voice lessons that integrate Buteyko practices to improve vocal production in singers, actors, and public speakers experiencing vocal dysfunction and performance anxiety as a result of excessive breathing volume. She is also developing resources to help other music educators better understand and support students with chronic hyperventilation.

Bryn holds certification in Buteyko Breathing Method from the Buteyko Clinic International, certification from the Voice Teacher Training Program at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Voice Performance from Thompson Rivers University in conjunction with the Vancouver Academy of Music.

Website: www.brynjimenez.com
Email: [email protected]

Shereen Yusuff – Houston, Texas

Shereen’s breath journey started at the age of four, through tennis. She learned breath exercises, to be able to hit harder, run faster and lift more weights. When she got into Ultramarathons and Ironmans, she recognized how crucial breath was to her recovery. Climbing mountains first led her to the Wim Hof Method (Shereen is currently an advanced instructor in the Wim Hof Method) and very quickly after, the Buteyko Method. She believes that the Wim Hof Method is like going to the gym, and the Buteyko method teaches us how to breathe the rest of the time. Integrating both the methods has greatly enhanced her meditation practice which has made her a happier and healthier person.

Shereen is currently based in Houston, Texas and works with clients all over the world, especially India and Oman. She integrates teachings from both the East and the West. Shereen is excited to work with people who want to use breath as a tool to enhance performance, and are looking to increase mindfulness. She is also very passionate about working with children and enjoys incorporating different breath techniques in her private sessions, to help enhance health and happiness.

Website: www.suda-prem.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 281 837 6586

David Gracy – Lago Vista, Texas

David came across the Buteyko method when he was looking for solutions for his panic attacks. When learning the Buteyko breathing exercises and never experiencing a panic attack again, he was amazed at the power of breathing and how it can impact so many areas of our health.

It didn’t stop with panic attacks, as an unexpected benefit, David was also able to stop snoring after snoring for over 40 years. Not only did this impact his health tremendously but also his spouse who often didn’t get good sleep because of his snoring.

Lastly, David would experience mild bouts of asthma and allergies throughout the year and by continuing to practice Buteyko on a daily basis he was able to reduce his asthma to a point of no longer needing his inhaler. With so many benefits David experienced from Buteyko, he was inspired to become a Buteyko Certified Instructor.

David is located in Lago Vista which is a small lake town on Lake Travis near Austin.

You can reach David at 512-815-1263

Sonia Pethani – San Antonio, Texas

I am a licensed physical therapist in the United States of America, currently practicing in San Antonio, Texas.

I have been practicing for 13 years as of 2021. Being in an outpatient physical therapy facility, I encounter patients of all ages, including children. My specialty is respiratory physical therapy along with treating orthopedic conditions in my clients. I have treated patients with asthma, chronic obstructive lung diseases, interstitial lung fibrosis, people post pneumonia, pre and post lung surgeries, shortness of breath with cause not known and symptomatic management of patients post COVID-19.

As a professional, I have always strived to have a holistic approach towards my patients and continually attain knowledge that will benefit them.

Buteyko breathing techniques have been a great tool that are now a part of my skill set, to enable patients with respiratory issues, have a more efficient and effective way of breathing, which will help them to reduce the symptoms that they experience. This will enable them to have a better quality of life.

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Dianne C. Rockefeller – San Antonio, Texas

I’m a highly skilled performance and athletic enhancement therapist with years of experience at the professional sports level (NBA, MLB, NFL, and other elite sports). My focus is on injury prevention, recovery, performance enhancement, and treatment for acute and chronic pain. I office in San Antonio, TX and also work out-of-office for professionals/clients. In addition to sports, I work with complicated conditions such as concussions, stroke, Meniers and Parkinson’s disease.

My personal experiences and practice have taught me that the breath is one of the most important variables to consider in human performance. This is why I include respiratory muscle testing in my clinical reasoning and screening process. I understand how someone’s respiratory system can impact (good or bad) his or her performance and recovery. The human body is an interrelated system and no part operates in isolation.  Equally important is that the human body is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

By using my comprehensive clinical reasoning process that considers the interplay of movement and stability throughout your body, I identify and correct the actual drivers of problems as opposed to just treating a symptoms or chasing pain. Strength is paramount in every part of the body. If one component is not working well, then it can compromise integrity in other areas of the body. Proper biomechanics not only involves muscles, tendons and ligaments being symmetrical, but also multi-directional in strength and stability.

Too often, the breath is overlooked in human performance and athletics. The breath is powerful. With proper training, it can become a real game changer.

Dianne C. Rockefeller, LMT, MAS, NASM-CPT, COMT, CKTP, CMT, CCT
Dominion Performance and Sports Therapy
Website: www.dtasm.com
8 Dominion Drive, Bldg. 100, Suite 105
San Antonio, TX 78257
Telephone: 210-973-4848
Email: [email protected]

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