10th to 20th July 2013

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Buteyko Instructor Trainer

Buteyko Instructor trainer: Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown has a very busy client (www.AsthmaCare.ie), (www.Snoring.ie), (www.Buteyko.ie)


Practice in Ireland which offers a unique opportunity for visiting instructors to see first hand the following;

  • The correct way to teach the Buteyko Method.
  • How to apply the method to patients of varying severity and conditions.
  • Observe how patients respond.
  • To date persons from India, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Austria, Spain, Malta, Italy, France, Denmark, Holland, Malaysia, Romania, Croatia, USA, Canada, Hungary, UK and Finland have attended Patrick’s clinics to become instructors.


What is involved?

Traveling from abroad

You will observe and assist Patrick McKeown teaching the Buteyko Method to forty plus patients over an eight to twelve day period. Interspersed will be one to one teaching and guidance on reaching out and delivering to patients. This is a very intensive and hands on training where you will be working with one of the most experienced instructors in the Western world.

Cost: Euro 2,000. Training DVDs and training manual is provided upon an initial deposit of 25% of total fee. The remainder is payable upon your attendance to Ireland.


Living in Ireland

You will attend Patrick McKeowns Buteyko workshops in either Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Galway over a period of six months. Here you will observe and assist Patrick working with forty plus patients with different conditions and varying severity. (Training can be completed during a shorter time, if one attends courses in different cities.)

Cost : 2,000 Euro. (payment may be made in instalments)


How we teach Buteyko instructors?

Stage 1) Prior distance learning by DVDs of actual clinic training and reading material. (training can be commenced at any time so prior study may not be possible with short notice)

Stage 2) Provision of extensive training manual and full training DVD.

Stage 3) You will have the opportunity of assisting Patrick with his own patients during the practical training.

Stage 4) Ongoing follow up support by telephone and email.

Stage 5) Accreditation by the Buteyko Breathing Clinic.

Stage 6) We will be organizing pages for instructors to update their own information and courses on the Buteyko Breathing clinic site. This will carry an annual fee but will provide a top quality website presence for each instructor without major costs.

We will assist you in every way possible to ensure that you are able to teach your clients in a proficient and safe manner.

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